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Butchery window display by Trevor Childs

7 March 1975

Butcher Trevor Childs with display at a Colombo Street butchery.

Flood damaged onions

14 March 1975

Lawrence Free, a market gardener, with flood damaged onions in ...

Operation Deep Freeze servicemen and wives

10 March 1975

Operation Deep Freeze servicemen and their New Zealand wives at ...

Fletchers Mandeville Street factory

8 March 1975

Preparation of logs for veneering at Fletchers Mandeville Street ...

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa

29 March 1975

A plaque commemorating two motor cycle world records on the Tram ...

Sinkhole on Ilam Road

13 March 1975

A car stuck in a sinkhole outside Student Union Building, Ilam ...

Wood sculpture class at Risingholme Community Centre

15 March 1975

Group of people participating in a Wednesday Wood Sculpture ...

Dennis Rees blasting off his Suzuki

8 March 1975

A motorcyclist and member of the Helldrivers, Dennis Rees, ...

Hockey grounds at Porritt Park

29 March 1975

View across newly built hockey grounds at Porrit park on ...

Pottery class at Risingholme Community Centre

22 March 1975

Group of ladies participating in a Thursday afternoon pottery ...

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