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Captain James Cook statue

17 January 2023

The Captain James Cook statue in Victoria Square, looking ...

Anisa MacLean at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens


A photo of me at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens on my ...

Signs - School strike 4 climate change protest

23 September 2022

Signs assemble before the protest in Cathedral Square.

Victoria Park


Tulips growing in Victoria Park in Christchurch.

"Keep ur laws off our bodies"

13 May 2022

Protest signs on Godley Statue.

Protest signs on Godley Statue

13 May 2022

Freedom of choice protests.

Scott with road cones

4 September 2021

Scott with road cones.

Cathedral Square, Christchurch. F.G.R. 6669

circa 1930

West Corner of the Cathedral Square, Christchurch. The John ...

Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings

1919 to 1920

Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings beside the Avon River. ...

Captain Robert Falcon Scott statue

11 March 1965

Captain Robert Falcon Scott, memorial corner Worcester St and ...

Scott Statue

25 June 2021

Statue lit up for TÄ«rama Mai.

John Robert Godley statue

12 April 2021

Statue with messages about rape and consent.

Children dancing in Cathedral Square

6 July 1979

Children dancing in Cathedral Square to the music of the New ...

Statue of Robert Falcon Scott with face mask and road cone

29 August 2021

The statue of Robert Falcon Scott that has been dressed in a ...

Noahs Hotel

24 March 1979

Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace, seen at the intersection with ...

Wallpaper at Formaggio's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

9 February 2020

The eye-catching wallpaper in the women's toilets at Formaggio's ...

Queen Victoria Statue

October 2019

Queen Victoria Statue in Victoria Square with Christchuch Town ...

Festival of Flowers, Cathedral Square

16 February 2003

"This photo was taken at the Festival of Flowers in 2003. Mum, ...

Victoria Square scene


View of a person posing in Victoria Square near the Queen ...

Corner of Armagh Street and Colombo Street


View of the corner of Armagh Street and Colombo Street looking ...

Queen Victoria Statue


Members of the Gopal family in front of the Queen Victoria ...

Entrance to ChristChurch Cathedral


Front entrance, featuring the rose window, of ChristChurch ...

Flowers on Worcester Street

22 September 2020

"For my class we took photos in town and this is one of my ...

South African War veterans

2 June 1969

South African War veterans laying a wreath at the Queen Victoria ...

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