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Robert McLean Ltd showroom

15 September 1970

Showroom at Robert McLean Ltd automotive electrical engineers at ...

Christchurch Miss Teachers' College finalists

23 September 1970

Five of the six finalists for the 1970 Christchurch Miss ...

Kindergarten student teacher drama class

26 September 1970

Lecturer at Christchurch Teachers College, J. Harvest (left), ...

Sculpture court at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery

19 September 1970

Director of the Robert McDougall Art gallery, Mr B. D. Muir, in ...

Robert Falcon Scott statue

11 September 1970

View of the statue of Robert Falcon Scott on the corner of ...

New Midland coach

30 September 1970

New Midland coaches designed and built in Christchurch setting ...

Pensotti planer at Scott Brothers Ltd.

21 September 1970

Unmanned Pensotti planer machine inside the Scott Brothers Ltd ...

Ovens being tested at Scott Brothers Ltd.

21 September 1970

A line of electricians with ovens in the Scott Brothers Ltd ...

Scott Brothers, Ltd., factory

21 September 1970

Interior of the Scott Brothers Ltd factory showing the conveyor ...

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