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Total lunar eclipse looking over the trees at Nunweek Park

10 August 2014

The moon during the totality of the eclipse, framed by tops of ...

Support for ANZUS

10 October 1984

A group of three, Leigh Neil, Robin Neil and James Currie, ...

Processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd

4 February 1978

K. Becker processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd on Sawyers ...

Harewood School open plan classroom

17 May 1975

View of teacher, V. McLeod supervising students in the open plan ...

Kea bird on a garden shed in Harewood

23 February 1985

Close-up of a Kea sat on the roof of a garden shed at a house on ...

Qantas Boeing 707 at Christchurch International Airport


Qantas Boeing 707 at Christchurch International Airport. The ...

Christchurch International Airport


View out to the Christchurch Airport car park from Observation ...

Making a new garden

September 1982

Halkett Clarke (back), Ian Clarke (on the tractor) Matthew Smith ...

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard

31 July 1976

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard at Harewood.

The McVicar Timber head office

27 August 1982

Exterior of the McVicar Timber head office on Johns Road.

Timber sorting table

25 February 1975

Murray McGregor (left) and Edwin Cross sat on the largest timber ...

McPierson Limited, Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

McPierson Limited at the Industrial subdivision in Wairakei ...

Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery with bicycles

16 December 1987

Rasberry pickers, Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery, trying to ...

Substation near Harewood aerodrome

1 August 1946

Transformers and grid at a Substation near Harewood aerodrome ...

Jenny Turland with raspberries

29 December 1977

Jenny Turland in a raspberry field during a raspberry picking ...

The Stanley Homestead, Broadway Orchard, Harewood


The home of John & Mary Stanley at Broadway Orchard in Harewood ...

Shenley Orchard ploughing paddock of young Delicious apple trees


Edward Clarke & son Halkett Clarke ploughing the paddock of ...

Packing fruit at Shenley Orchard, Harewood

Circa 1950's

Halkett Clarke & Mrs Pearce packing apples at Shenley Orchard on ...

Snow storm at Shenley Orchard or neighbouring Cherry Orchard, Harewood

Circa 1945

View of trees covered under heavy snow following a snow storm of ...

Shenley Orchard homestead, Harewood

Circa 1945

Exterior of the Shenley Orchard homestead in Harewood covered in ...

Aerial view of Harewood

Circa 1970's

Aerial view of Harewood including Wairakei Road, Stanley Road ...

Pumpkin harvest on Sawyers Arms Road

21 April 1975

Nicholas Harrow, son of grower Pat Harrow, with a large pile of ...

Peacock Springs Wildlife Park

14 April 1990

Shingle screen machine in use at Isaac Construction adjoining ...

Peacock Springs Wildlife Park

18 October 1982

Visitor to Peacock Springs Wildlife Park, Mike Akkerman, feeding ...

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