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Riding penny farthing bicycles

Circa 1990s

Two cyclists, Ian Bray and Janis Munroe riding Penny Farthings ...

Aerobics session at New Brighton Beach

8 January 1992

Close-up of Uma Bhana with a microphone leading an aerobics ...

South Island Aerobics Championships at Ngaio Marsh Theatre

14 March 1997

Rob Bone and Erica Shalders posing in costume ahead of competing ...

Christchurch regional aerobics championships performance

25 September 1996

Zoe Miller of Better Bodies Gym performing a routine at the ...

Christchurch Footlight Dance Group

6 July 1991

Members of the Christchurch Footlight Dance Group posing in ...

Barbecue championships in Christchurch

26 February 1991

Sarah Marks of the Girl Guides balancing a tray of drinks during ...

Barbecue championships in Christchurch

24 February 1991

David Tait, a competitor at the New Zealand barbecue ...

Models at the Trust Bank Cantamath competition

15 August 1991

Star shaped models made by Brent Elder of Casebrook Intermediate ...

Balancing clown at the Trust Bank Cantamath competition

12 August 1991

A balancing clown made by Sumner School form 2 students Melissa ...

Burwood Hospital Spinal Injury Unit

7 September 1991

Sign and exterior for Burwood Hospital Spinal Injury Unit.

Magician at Linwood North Primary School

10 April 1993

A magician in costume surrounded by a classroom of students from ...

Magicians De Larno and Bernard Burke

7 April 1993

Local magician De Larno and Bernard Burke, president of the ...

Magician El Gregoe performing at Linwood mall

Circa 1990s

Magician El Gregoe with his assistant, Riccarton resident, Anna ...

Ice road sign, Lyttelton

Circa 1990s

Ice warning road sign on an icy road with cars passing leading ...

Fishing off the Cashin Quay breakwater

9 December 1995

View across from Cashin Quay in Lyttelton with teenager, Jen Lin ...

St George's Hospital building

Circa 1990s

Exterior of St Georges Hospital building on Papanui Road.

Canterbury Draft club seats

Circa 2000s

Canterbury Draught brand manager Neil Hinton (left) and Lion ...

Mural outside New Brighton's Esplanade Tavern

31 May 1991

View of a mural outside the Esplanade Tavern, organised by ...

Technology at the Bruno Barberellis' hairstylists

1 February 1991

Senior Hairstylist, Lee-Anne Cummings (right) demonstrating new ...

Christchurch radio competition winner

15 April 1992

Donna Tafa, aged 8, with her mum Vicki Tafa at a surprise ...

First woman aircraft maintenance engineer, Air New Zealand

15 April 1992

Portrait of Tanya Merchant, the first woman aircraft maintenance ...

Linwood High School students in colonial dress

17 July 1991

Linwood High School students modelling costumes from New ...

Members of Linwood High School sixth form dance class

29 July 1991

Group shot of Linwood High School sixth form dance class ahead ...

Cyclists entering Lyttelton Tunnel


View from within the Lyttelton Tunnel taken from the entrance ...

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