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Celebrating Philippine Independence Day

12 June 2019

Facilitators from Supling Filipino Playgroup celebrate ...

Humes office in Hornby

26 May 1979

Humes precast concrete products division on Carmen Road in ...

Largest spun concrete pipes in New Zealand

12 June 1970

Spun concrete pipes, the largest made in New Zealand, to be ...

The Whitcoulls packaging plant in Hornby

10 April 1979

Adjustments being made to the six colour printing press at the ...

Woolworths and Keystore supermarkets, Hornby

5 October 1978

The car park at Woolworths, Hornby, which is also used by ...

Shifting a printing press

16 April 1971

Moving a printing press from the printing department of the ...

Plating trees at South Hornby Primary School for Arbor Day

9 July 1982

Junior pupils at South Hornby Primary School planting trees for ...

Red sky

9 July 2019

I always leave home early morning so that I can see a sunrise. ...

Standard 6, Hornby Primary School, 1956


This is standard six (Form 2) at Hornby Primary School in 1956. ...

Springs Road Garage, Hornby.


This garage is still there but no pumps. Springs Road Garage, ...

Changing Face of Hornby Clock Tower


Part of the changing face of Hornby. The Clock Tower built by ...

Canterbury Electric Power Board headquarters clock

6 July 1987

Re-installation, following maintenance, of the clock on the ...

Central Canterbury Electric Power Board building

18 March 1971

Construction of the Central Canterbury Electric Power Board ...

Fibreglass substation

2 February 1973

Central Canterbury Electric Power Board fibreglass substation.

The Central Canterbury Electric Power Board

14 July 1964

Members of the Central Canterbury Electric Power Board meeting ...

The Central Canterbury Electric Power Board building, Hornby

12 May 1979

The Central Canterbury Electric Power Board building at Hornby.

Stuart Taylor and safety mouse

21 March 1990

Stuart Taylor, Southpower safety officer, with power extension ...

Sulphuric acid manufacturing plant, Hornby

14 June 1967

Kempthorne Prosser sulphuric acid manufacturing plant at Hornby.

Carbon dioxide plant, Carbonic Ice Ltd

23 September 1981

T.L. Uren, managing director of Carbonic Ice Ltd, with a piece ...

Fibreboard Containers Ltd's new Hornby plant

15 January 1979

An architect's impression of Fibreboard Containers Ltd's new ...

Watties factory at Hornby

17 October 1970

The new J. Wattie Canneries Ltd vegetable processing factory at ...

Canned Watties products

22 November 1977

A selection of various canned Watties products including soup, ...

Watties canned garden peas

28 January 1971

Close-up of a can of Watties garden peas.

Conveyor belt of peas at the Watties factory

28 January 1971

Christine Bell, a University student, working on a conveyor ...

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