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Looking Down to Governors Bay from Dyers Pass

Circa 1935

Cholmondeley Children's Home is the large building above the ...

The Terminus Hotel opposite the Christchurch Railway Station

Circa 1895

It provided private sitting rooms, billiard and bathrooms and ...

The Bridge of Remembrance

Circa 1935

View of the bridge with Cashel Street in the background. A ...

Members of the Pioneers, on the West Coast Road


The Pioneers are members of the Pioneer Cycling Club.

Boys with cycles

Circa 1890

Toby Willmot, Martin and D. Nedwell

A Salvation Army worker provides tea.


A Salvation Army worker provides tea for firemen and volunteers ...

Cyclist Beside A Penny-farthing Bicycle

Circa 1896

Near Shag Rock On The Sumner Road, Christchurch

The Botany and Physics buildings and the Observatory

Circa 1919

Canterbury College, University of New Zealand was located in ...

Huskies on Quail Island


Husky working dogs, cages and a man on Quail Island, just off ...

Construction of a marquee at Lancaster Park

10 December 1973

Workmen erecting a display in the main pitch at Lancaster park ...

Mr Carl Smith, manager of Munns The Mans Store

23 April 1983

Manager of Munns The Mans Store, Mr Carl Smith, at 156 Armagh ...

Caledonian Hall, Kilmore Street

9 December 1941

Exterior of the Caledonian Hall, 135 Kilmore Street.

National "Bursaries Action Day", Cathedral Square

12 April 1979

Group of University students with sandwich boards demonstrating ...

Stuffed ram on top of a Mrs Popes knitting wool van

15 March 1991

Mike Baddeley, Marketing Manager for Mrs Popes, next to a ...

Sandwich board man eating a sandwich

23 May 1974

University student, Graeme Moore with a sandwich board promoting ...

Bay of Islands Fruit Juice stall, Haywrights

27 May 1977

Lynette Wilton (Left), Carolyn O'Kell (centre) and Pauline ...

Advertising boards on the roadside, Kaiapoi

21 October 1972

Advertising boards between the railway line and the roadside in ...

"Duke of Wellington" during a visit to Christchurch

29 April 1982

A man dressed as the Duke of Wellington during a tour of New ...

Top dressing of RSA No.1 green

21 April 1962

Three men top dressing the surface of the bowling green at ...

Chisnallwood Intermediate School raft race

Circa 1970s

Teachers' raft at Chisnallwood Intermediate School raft race on ...

Christchurch Schools Music Festival

12 September 1984

Christchurch Schools Music Festival in the Town Hall.

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