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Addington grain store

10 February 1967

Unloading grain from a truck at an Addington grain store.

Carpet looms in factory

23 May 1962

Row of looms at a Riccarton carpet factory.

Carpet loom

23 May 1962

R. Seale supervising a carpet on a loom at a Riccarton carpet ...

Correcting carpet faults

18 May 1962

W. Cotton corrects faults in carpet at a Riccarton carpet ...

Cement silos at Lyttelton

11 June 1991

The concrete (right) and steel cement silos (left) at Gladstone ...

Retaining wall for cement silo

17 May 1990

The concrete retaining wall being treated by blast contractor ...

The Towers

8 February 1986

Exterior of the Towers motel at 7 Kilmarnock Street on the ...

Walnut farmer

4 July 1985

Rex Baker, Halswell walnut farmer.

Industries Fair at night

30 August 1984

View of the amusement rides at the Industries Fair at night at ...

Glentunnel brickworks staff

29 October 1983

Staff of the Glentunnel brickworks during their final week ...

Cement pouring and smoothing

6 September 1982

Two workers pouring cement from a mixing truck and smoothing the ...

Laughing clowns at the Industries Fair

24 September 1982

Tammy Tahuhu with a laughing clowns game at the Industries Fair ...

Anna Taylor and laughing clowns

5 September 1980

Anna Taylor, 5, with the laughing clowns game at the Industries ...

Cresta Craft

29 March 1980

A fibreclass horse float outside Cresta Craft, 99 Main South ...

Brick kiln remains

9 June 1980

The remains of a circular brick kiln.

Humes office in Hornby

26 May 1979

Humes precast concrete products division on Carmen Road in ...

Riding the Trabant

23 August 1979

Leonie Woods (left), Miriama Swan (centre) and Hayley Swan ride ...

Tunnel at Thomas Hills kiln

15 October 1977

The interior of the tunnel that runs around the outside of the ...

Dave Boyes and brick making kiln

22 May 1976

Dave Boyes with his brick making kiln at the family brickworks ...

Slippery dip slide at Industries Fair

30 August 1975

Michael Wood (left), Bert Jason (centre) and Wayne Koti on the ...

Trabant ride at the Industries Fair

22 August 1974

View of the Trabant, an amusement ride at the Industries Fair at ...

Therese Dickey at Industries Fair

24 August 1974

Therese Dickey with a selectin of dolls for sale at the ...

Laying concrete kerbing in Belfast

6 April 1973

Concrete kerbing being laid in a new residential development off ...

Ghost train advertisement

13 August 1973

Herman Munster figure outside 344 Lincoln Road advertising the ...

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