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Whitebait nets in the Avon

7 October 1972

Whitebaiters with nets in the Avon River in the vicinity of ...

Lambskin pelt at Marguerite Leatherware

22 February 1970

The Minister of Overseas Trade, Mr Talboys, examines a lambskin ...

Robert McLean Ltd showroom

15 September 1970

Showroom at Robert McLean Ltd automotive electrical engineers at ...

Loading wheat at Lyttelton

11 February 1969

Workers in protective clothing guiding the mechanical wheat ...

Damage to Rikke Skou cargo

20 February 1969

View of broken plate glass which was broken in the hold of the ...

Whitebaiters at Kairaki

1 September 1969

The beach at Kairaki near the mouth of the Waimakariri River ...

Insulated cargo container

4 December 1968

A British Lines insulated container at Islington which could be ...

Last call at the former stock exchange

30 June 1965

The last morning call at the Christchurch Stock Exchange's ...

Breakwater construction

10 August 1964

Workers creating a breakwater of sand filled drums at New ...

Drying out sheepskins

17 July 1964

Sheepskins being pegged to perforated zinc for drying in a ...

Scott Brothers Ltd planning and milling machine

14 December 1964

Planning and milling machine at Scott Brothers Limited on ...

Dredge on Taramakau River

7 December 1963

The Kanieri Dredge working on the Taramakau River.

Placing bets

1 March 1962

Punters placing their bets.

E. Truscott and Sons, saddlers

10 July 1962

Leather saddle being made at E. Truscott and Sons on the corner ...

Arahura dredge

25 May 1962

Arahura dredge on the Arahura River, Hokitika, Westland.

Addington Totalisator

26 May 1958

A worker with technical equipment at the Addington totalisator.

Addington Raceway totalisator

8 November 1950

Operating the totalisator at the Addington Raceway.

Sorting possum skins

Circa 1950s

Possum skins being sorted in a Christchurch store.

TAB electronic equipment demonstration

8 May 1947

Demonstration of an electronic ticket issuing machine and ...

Tanners splitting a hide

21 September 1945

Tanners splitting a hide into two layers prior to tanning.

Bales of deer skins

5 July 1945

Bales of deer skins prepared and ready for shipment.

Grading deer skins

5 July 1945

Deer skins being untied and graded in a central city store.

Whitebait net

29 August 1940

A whitebaiter using a net to catch whitebait in the Avon River.

Whitebaiting on the Avon River

Circa 1940s

Whitebaiting on the Avon River towards the Estuary.

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