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Students protesting against University fees

31 May 1990

Students on the steps of James Hight Library at the University ...

Annual battle at Orientation week

3 March 1983

Members of Alf's Imperial Army confront members of KAOS at the ...

University students champagne breakfast on roundabout

3 March 1983

Students, Tim Brooks, Karen O'Donnell, Richard Lake, Carol ...

University of Canterbury student protest

15 June 1989

University of Canterbury students protesting against student ...

Lost property auction at Student Union building

15 March 1972

Lost property auction at Canterbury University Student Union ...

David Nicholl processing student enrolments

25 February 1991

David Nicholl processing one of the many Canterbury University ...

Chocolate fish competition at Canterbury University

5 March 1981

Robert Bain, 18, (left) and Greg Albertson, 19, in a chocolate ...

Bronwyn Croxson next to a poster for Zelda

25 February 1980

Bronwyn Croxson next to a poster for Zelda, to be held at Ngaio ...

Tom Weston and Greg Fahey prepare for Orientation Week 1980

25 February 1980

Tom Weston (sitting) Orientation controller, and Greg Fahey, ...

Queuing for the University of Canterbury library

9 October 1967

A queue of students outside the University of Canterbury ...

Students waiting in the Christchurch Star office

7 December 1971

University students waiting in the Christchurch Star office for ...

Tertiary students on a protest raft race

17 April 1982

Tertiary students in a raft race from the Bridge of Remembrance ...

Barbara Chapman with Orientation Week display

23 February 1976

Barbara Chapman, one of the organisers of Orientation Week, ...

Burnside High school uniforms

20 January 1976

Students at Burnside High display their school's uniforms.

Cashmere High School dance at Barrington Mall

13 August 1976

Cashmere High School dancing at Barrington Mall.

Cashmere High School dance marathon

15 September 1973

Cashmere High School pupils taking part in a dance marathon.

Cashmere High School Jazz band

28 April 1984

The Cashmere High School Big band which competed at the national ...

Official opening of Burnside High School

5 November 1960

A guard of honour greets official visitors at the opening of ...

Cashmere High School students

16 June 1987

Students at Cashmere High School.

Cashmere High School's fund-raising Super Car-Wash

19 April 1988

Cashmere High School students holding a fundraising car wash in ...

Burnside High School students in a trampoline marathon

8 July 1974

Burnside High School pupil, Neil Tozer, partking in a trampoline ...

Burnside High School PTA to fight planned housing

10 June 1970

The grounds of Burnside High School where six houses will be ...

The former prefects of Burnside High School

14 April 1967

A line-up of all the head perfects at Burnside High School since ...

Aerial view of Burnside High School

27 June 1983

An aerial view of Burnside High School and Greers Road.

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