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Cashmere High School Cadet Corps

2 May 1963

The Cashmere High School cadet corps form a guard of honour in ...

Canterbury Sheepskin Accessories Ltd

1 May 1980

Exterior of Canterbury Sheepskin Accessories Limited, located at ...

Bob Stafford, manager of Begg's Limited

19 October 1982

Bob Stafford, manager of Begg's Limited, in the Colombo Street ...

The stereo lounge upstairs at the Record Room

13 November 1982

The stereo lounge, located upstairs at the Record Room.

Fendalton Fish Supply

15 February 1971

B.E. Mather at Fendalton Fish Supply.

Phillip King Bookseller's grab-a-bag promotion

4 December 1991

James Jacques at Phillip King Bookseller's grab-a-bag promotion, ...

The piano showroom at Begg's

19 October 1982

The piano showroom at Begg's Music, Colombo Street.

Keith and Margery Roper retire from their grocery business

30 June 1990

Keith and Margery Roper outside their grocery business on ...

Martyn the Moa outside Martyn's Cycles and Mowers Ltd

23 August 1989

Dave Direen with Martyn the Moa outside Martyn's Cycles and ...

Hop Yick Cheong & Co on Madras Street

18 February 1978

Exterior of Hop Yick Cheong Merchants on Madras Street.

Armagh St fish shop

31 August 1976

Interior of fish shop on Armagh Street with two fishmongers.

Nicholas Beltman with his bicycle

12 July 1982

Nicholas Beltman with the bicycle which he bought at a ...

Arts centre market

1 October 1992

Market at the Arts Centre on Worcester Boulevard with St Elmo ...

Butterfields building on High St to be demolished

18 August 1984

The Butterfields building on High Street which is to be ...

Llyween Couper in the Children's Bookshop

1 December 1987

Llyween Couper kneels before a display of books in the ...

Judges of the Maori Appeal Court

24 March 1970

Judges of the Māori Appeal court sat in the Provincial Council ...

Divers searching for Maori artifacts

22 June 1974

A group of divers in a boat searching off the coast of the ...

Hui Aranga, Easter festival at St Bede's College

10 April 1971

A group of children playing netball at St Bede's College in ...

Ōnuku settelment, Akaroa

26 July 1975

View from the hills down onto the Ōnuku settlement and marae. ...

Mural at the Māori Land Court

29 October 1984

Mr Steve Paewai of the Māori Affairs Department stood next to a ...

Construction of a Mosque on Deans Avenue

5 December 1984

Exterior view of the entrance to Masjid Al Noor mosque under ...

Islamic women outside Masjid Al Noor mosque

26 April 1986

A group of women of Islamic faith stood outside the Masjid Al ...

Construction of a Mosque on Deans Avenue

22 January 1985

Exterior view of the Masjid Al Noor mosque under construction at ...

Durham Street Synagogue

16 May 1988

Exterior of the Durham Street Synagogue with a car passing along ...

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