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Diesel alternator unit

31 January 1966

Diesel alternator unit at the Christchurch City Council water ...

Paparoa Street subdivision

14 August 1984

Peter Mangos in the middle of a subdivision at the end of ...

Low water pressure in Horotane Valley

12 November 1985

Tony Burnett, market gardener, with an orchard in Horotane ...

Burst water main, Cashmere

23 February 1987

Burst water main on Colombo Street near the foot of Dyers Pass ...

Drought at Pleasant Point

10 November 1984

Tom Henderson with his drought affected Pleasant Point farm.

Snowfall on Deans Avenue

29 June 1978

View of snowfall on Deans Avenue next to Hagley Park as a car ...

Hail at Cashel Mall

4 March 1983

Remains of a hailstorm in Cashel Mall, looking east.

Hail on Oxford Terrace

4 March 1983

View along Oxford Terrace after hailstorm.

Pine trees blown on to Dyers Pass Road.

29 June 1977

Workers attempting to clear pine trees blown on to Dyers Pass ...

Taylors Mistake bach

21 July 1978

Damage to a bach at Taylors Mistake caused by waves during a ...

Spencer Park Motor Camp

1 January 1980

Tents blown over by the wind at Spencer Park Motor Camp.

Portable builder's shed blocking Ferry Road

9 April 1988

A portable builder's shed blown onto Ferry Road by strong winds.

Damage to indoor tennis complex

20 January 1988

Dany Whiting standing on top of collapsed panels of an indoor ...

Split willow tree on Park Terrace

27 April 1965

Schoolboys playing on a willow tree on Park Terrace which has ...

Sisters at the beach

21 December 1985

Jane and Helen Truscott at the beach.

Paul Freer and bulldozer umbrella

11 February 1981

Paul Freer uses an umbrella as a means of keeping the sun off ...

Storm damaged shed, Horotane Valley

20 January 1988

Fiona Miller and her son Alastair Miller inspect a storm damaged ...

Damaged tennis complex

20 January 1988

An indoor tennis complex under construction with its roof ...

Morning fog over Christchurch

25 October 1984

View of morning fog over Christchurch.

Yacht after storm

21 January 1988

Jill and Barry Edwards, with Julie Moore and Koko the cat aboard ...

Mushroom cloud formation

26 January 1985

Mushroom cloud formation over the Port Hills. In the foreground ...

Clearing leaves

4 May 1984

Council worker, Wally Clark, clearing leaves.

Wind damaged power pole on Pages Road

12 July 1978

Workmen removing a wind damaged power pole on Pages Road near ...

Damaged yacht mast

11 November 1963

Dudley Berry with a damaged mast at the Mt Pleasant Yacht Club ...

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