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McKenzies in Sydenham

21 September 1964

Exterior of the McKenzies building on the corner of Elgin and ...

Salvation Army Addington men's home

14 May 1964

Lunchtime at the Addington men's home of the Salvation Army.

Kairaki camping ground

28 December 1964

View across caravans and tents at the camping ground at Kairaki.

The Yellowlees family camping at Woodend

28 December 1964

Stewart, Linda, Joe Yellowlees of Kaiapoi, sunbathing outside ...

Rotary hoeing the lawn at Victoria Street floral clock

18 March 1964

Parks and Reserves staff rotary hoeing the lawn around the ...

Christchurch Girls' High School reunion

2 March 1964

Former pupils of Form Three Upper of Christchurch Girls' High ...

Central New Brighton School 75th anniversary

31 March 1964

Former pupils of Central New Brighton School at the school's ...

Rangi Ruru Girls' School seventy-fifth anniversary

4 April 1964

View of past and present students gathered at Rangi Ruru Girls' ...

Fitzgerald Avenue bridge

20 April 1964

View looking south across the newly constructed Fitzgerald ...

Madras Street footbridge

13 July 1964

Construction of the new footbridge over the railway lines near ...

Madras Street footbridge

18 August 1964

View looking up to the Madras Street footbridge as seen from the ...

Canton Café, New Brighton


Mr Toi Yee Chan in the kitchen, Canton Café on Seaview Road, ...

Amuri Motors parking building and garage

4 July 1964

The parking building and garage for Amuri Motors on the corner ...

The Christchurch Club

3 July 1964

The Christchurch Club as viewed from Worcester Street.

Presbyterian bible class camp

31 March 1964

Mid Canterbury district Presbyterian bible class camp at Rakaia.

St Paul's Church

11 April 1964

St Paul's Presbyterian church on the corner of Cashel Street and ...

Dominion Presbyterian summer conference

30 December 1964

Young people attending the Dominion Presbyterian summer ...

Hoon Hay Youth Club

9 May 1964

Members of the Hoon Hay Youth Club.

Government Life building clock

18 July 1964

View of the digital clock on top of the Government Life building ...

Government Life Building heating and air conditioning centre

17 July 1964

Workmen checking the heating and air conditioning centre at the ...

Opening of the Government Life Building

17 July 1964

Government Life Insurance Office minister, John Rae, pressing a ...

Electrically fired boiler

15 April 1964

Electrically fired boiler at the Municipal Electricity ...

Treated pelts at a city tannery

20 April 1964

Director Nigel Bowron shows members of the Canterbury Footwear ...

The Central Canterbury Electric Power Board

14 July 1964

Members of the Central Canterbury Electric Power Board meeting ...

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