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Seigemachine utility box - Greers Road


Chorus utility box by Jake Clark aka Seigemachine outside 447 ...

Life in the 1980's


Here is my husband David Gibson, relaxing in the lounge with our ...

Magnolias in Bishopdale

16 September 2021

Beautiful magnolias in bloom in Kilburn Street, Bishopdale.

Bishopdale Medical on Super Saturday

16 October 2021

Bishopdale Medical on Super Saturday 16 October 2021 with a sign ...

St Margaret's Presbyterian Church building site

31 July 2021

Building site of the new St Margaret's Presbyterian Church in ...

Building site of St Margaret's Presbyterian Church

16 October 2021

Building site of the new St Margaret's Presbyterian Church in ...

St Margaret's Presbyterian Church under construction

16 October 2021

Construction plans for the rebuild of St Margaret's Presbyterian ...

Bishopdale Mall seat painting

November 2020

"Lindsay Dell from the Enliven Bishopdale Group supported by ...

Bishopdale Village Green Completed December 2020

2 December 2020

"After some months of delay due to the COVID 19 pandemic the ...

Firehose demonstration at Isleworth Primary School

24 September 1975

Firefighter, S. McNair, helps Nichola Phillips use a firehose at ...

H.G. Stiles repairing sewing machines

6 October 1975

H.G. Stiles of the Bishopdale-Burnside Rotary Club with Singer ...

Signs at Charity Hospital

11 April 2020

Signs at Canterbury Charity Hospital including a sign assuring ...

Charity Hospital

11 April 2020

Canterbury Charity Hospital on Harewood Road.

Minions demonstrating bubble life

11 April 2020

Minions in a plastic container by a letterbox along Harewood ...

Elephant Slide

28 March 2020

Elephant slide practising social distancing during the Covid-19 ...

Woolworths supermarket, Bishopdale

25 August 1965

Exterior of the newly completed Woolworths supermarket at ...

Mural, Bishopdale Village Green

30 January 2020

Artist Jake Clark at work on a mural on the site of the old ...

Bishopdale Village Green

18 Feb 2020

"A mural by Jake Clark has been added to the wall at the ...

Bishopdale Village Green

18 Feb 2020

"Building a path at Bishopdale as part of the Enlivening ...

World bed pushing record attempt

24 March 1972

North Christchurch Jaycees Jim Wallace, Trevor Bayliss and Colin ...

Dr Priscilla Galloway

17 February 1996

Dr Priscilla Galloway, a consultant on English teaching from ...

Beautiful harmony

24 October 2019

One morning, the police and firefighters made a smart move to ...


August 27th 2019

SAKURA 桜, the cherry blossoms in winter gives an illusion of ...

Bishopdale Salvation Army centre

22 August 1970

The Salvation Army centre at 38 Isleworth Road, Bishopdale.

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