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Clearway zone violation

26 January 1976

A traffic officer notes cars parked in a clearway zone on ...

Intersection of Stanmore Road and Gloucester Street

6 January 1976

View of the intersection of Gloucester Street and Stanmore Road ...

Cutting turf to make instant lawn

17 January 1976

Cutting turf to make instant lawn for Canterbury Turf Laying Co ...

Nurse reunion

14 January 1976

Reunion of nurses who started their training together at ...

Syril Cron cleaning boots

24 January 1976

Syril Cron cleaning the boots of his New Brighton marching team.

Timothy Bone at Ensign Street shopping centre, Halswell

24 January 1976

Timothy Bone, 5, on his bicycle at Ensign Street shopping ...

St Michael's Church bell-tower, Oxford Terrace

17 January 1976

Three children watching the bell-tower of St Michael's and All ...

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