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Burst water main on Victoria Street

6 June 1987

View along Victoria Street, near the Knox Presbyterian Church at ...

Flooding on Fitzgerald Avenue and Cashel Street corner

23 April 1987

Scene of flooding caused by a burst water main on the corner of ...

Burst water main, Cashmere

23 February 1987

Burst water main on Colombo Street near the foot of Dyers Pass ...

Dominon Breweries mural

19 February 1987

Tim Croucher and Richard Fahey with a mural painted for Dominion ...

Ice hockey mural at Alpine skating rink, Papanui

30 March 1987

Richard Fahey and Tim Croucher with the mural they painted at ...

Mural painting on rail wagons

13 April 1987

Christchurch Boys' High School students painting a mural on a ...

Canterbury Clothing warehouse mural

17 June 1987

Tim Croucher and Richard Fahey with their mural on the ...

Mural at Heaton Intermediate School

18 December 1987

Heaton Intermediate School pupils with a mural they have created ...

Matthew Sigglekow builds a snowman

16 June 1987

Matthew Sigglekow building a snowman in the middle of Summit ...

Glenelg Health Camp outing

22 August 1987

Children from Glenelg Health Camp with a horse and cart.

Gong Yu Chun with toy rabbit

30 January 1987

Acrobat, Gong Yu Chun, with a toy rabbit presented by Daryle ...

Ron Winder, Suckling Bros Ltd employee

28 April 1987

Ron Winder with shoes produced for Suckling Bros Ltd.

Tip Top at Merivale Super Value

6 October 1987

Hayden McKee with Tip Top products at Merivale Super Value.

Linda Clarke with Pams canned foods

28 July 1987

Linda Clarke, a Foodstuffs employee, with a variety of Pams ...

Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery with bicycles

16 December 1987

Raspberry pickers, Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery, trying to ...

Former pupils of Sydenham school

8 September 1987

Former pupils of Sydenham School at a reunion in costume. ...

Christchurch Nursing School reunion

26 October 1987

Pam Bird (nee Dennison), Anne Tiernan (nee Fisher), Phyll ...

Former staff members of Duckworth and Turner shoe factory

21 October 1987

Trevor MacFarlane, Noeline Bruce (nee Grenfell), Joyce Agnew ...

Former employees of Treasure Box Boutique

25 March 1987

Coreen Parks, Phyllis Mason, Gladys Salkeld, Etta Dalley, Dallas ...

Northcote Kindergarten children with clowns

24 November 1987

Children from Northcote Kindergarten singing with clowns Ellise ...

Santa's workshop for charity

10 September 1987

Melanie Crase (left) and Rachel Edwards pose with Santa Claus ...

Kluts family Christmas shopping

24 December 1987

The Kluts family outside Farmers Department Store on Colombo ...

Christmas the goat

24 December 1987

A child, Stephanie Croft, with Christmas the goat at ...

Public christmas decorations

21 May 1987

MED lighting personnel Garry Flanagan and Councillor David Cox ...

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