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Alcohol free drinks for university students

30 September 1982

Horticulture students, Fiona Waghorn (left) and Shakunfala ...

Horse drawn fire engine

19 May 1982

A horse drawn fire engine from 1893, on loan from the Ferrymead ...

Vintage engines at farewell parade

19 May 1982

Parade of vintage fire engines to mark the retirement of Fire ...

Woolston Primary School pupils fundraise for Tonga

12 March 1982

Woolston Primary School students handing the president of the ...

Margaret McKinlay on her 100th birthday

22 November 1982

Margaret McKinlay, originally from Scotland but settled in New ...

Sing-along at the Caledonian Hall

15 May 1982

Children joining in with a weekly sing-along at the Caledonian ...

Mini for Roadshow 82

30 January 1982

A front end loader carrying a mini for use in the filming the ...

Southern Grain Spirits vodka

13 March 1982

John Fitzpatrick, managing director of Southern Grain Spirits ...

Ecology presentation in Cathedral Square

4 August 1982

Children in Cathedral Square for a presentation on ecology led ...

Edmonds factory garden

14 September 1982

The garden at Edmonds factory on Ferry Road, Phillipstown.

Brandy snaps at Yardleys Bakery

28 August 1982

Lynette Brinfield, a Yardleys Bakery employee, loading the ...

Pumpernickel rye bread mix, Holes Bakery

2 September 1982

Steven Hole of Holes Bakery, 81 Effingham Street, North Beach, ...

Edmonds factory gardeners

14 September 1982

Ray Leech (kneeling) and Norm Griggs, gardeners of the Edmonds ...

Portable grain bagging machine

5 March 1982

Gary Bleeker (left) and Carl Wakefield using a portable bagging ...

Cement pouring and smoothing

6 September 1982

Two workers pouring cement from a mixing truck and smoothing the ...

Jumbo-Jumbo the elephant at the Industries Fair

10 September 1982

Handlers, Paul Terry (left) and George Welsh with children ...

Laughing clowns at the Industries Fair

24 September 1982

Tammy Tahuhu with a laughing clowns game at the Industries Fair ...

Whitebaiting at Kairaki

8 September 1982

Whitebaiters with nets at Kairaki near the mouth of the ...

Quality check at Outbak Leatherware

16 June 1982

Carmen Abela quality checking a garment at Outbak Leatherware's ...

Ian Cromb, cricket bat maker

23 January 1982

Ian Cromb, a former test cricketer turned cricket bat maker, ...

Clydesdale at A and P show

13 November 1982

Alister Stevens and Mark Robinson drive a delivery wagon, pulled ...

Quail Island wharf

9 December 1982

View of the approach to the wharf at Quail Island from a boat.

Quail Island beach

9 December 1982

View of the beach at Quail Island.

Te Waipounamu College Waitangi Day performers

7 February 1982

Rosemary Patterson and Rachel Te Nahu of Te Waipounamu College ...

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