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Queen Victoria statue

13 June 1963

Close-up of the head of the Queen Victoria statue with a bird ...

Damaged yacht mast

11 November 1963

Dudley Berry with a damaged mast at the Mt Pleasant Yacht Club ...

Fallen tree on the Sumner life boat building

11 November 1963

A fallen tree on the Sumner life boat building during high ...

Boys' Brigade camp

2 January 1963

Trampoline demonstration at the Boys' Brigade camp, Wainui.

Sydenham Public Library

27 September 1963

Exterior of Sydenham Public Library on Colombo Street.

Christchurch Star flying Scholarship winner

2 April 1963

Ina Crocker, Star flying scholarship recipient who has flown ...

New Brevet Club building

22 July 1963

The new Brevet Club building under construction on Memorial ...

The temporary Bank of New Zealand in Cathedral Square

9 October 1963

The temporary home of the Bank of New Zealand in Cathedral ...

Bank of New Zealand strong room

1 November 1963

The strong room in the Hereford Street Bank of New Zealand.

Opening of the Sydenham Canterbury Savings Bank

3 August 1963

Mabel Howard and H.P. Smith, acting Mayor, about to enter the ...

Launch of South Brighton Scout Group boat

14 September 1963

South Brighton Scout Group launching its boat at Pleasant Point ...

The Agriculture Department's building

14 November 1963

The Agriculture Department's building with the entrance in the ...

Sunbathing on Akaroa beach

30 January 1963

"My mother at Akaroa beach - before the housing boom." - ...

Milkman on flooded Rowcliffe Crescent

21 December 1963

A milkman delivers milk to residents of flooded Rowclfife ...

Construction of the Christchurch Wool Exchange

26 August 1963

Exterior of the construction site for the new Christchurch Wool ...

Construction of the Christchurch Wool Exchange

22 March 1963

Exterior of the construction site for the new Christchurch Wool ...

Christchurch Wool Exchange opening ceremony

28 November 1963

Interior of the new Christchurch Wool Exchange on Whiteleigh ...

Christchurch Wool Exchange

27 November 1963

Exterior of the newly build Christchurch Wool Exchange on ...

Red Cross centenary at ChristChurch Cathedral

2 September 1963

The colour party leaving ChristChurch Cathedral following a ...

USS Glacier returning from Antarctica

Circa 1963

Exterior view of the USS Glacier in Lyttelton Harbour returning ...

Train crossing Matai Street, Riccarton

Circa 1963-4

A steam train crossing Matai Street with cargo including wooden ...

University of Canterbury Art School, Ilam

Circa 1963-4

Exterior of the Art School building and grounds at University of ...

Sumner and Scarborough from Clifton, Christchurch

Circa 1963-4

View across Sumner to Scarborough Hill taken from Clifton, ...

Totem Pole in Hagley Park

Circa 1963-4

The Indian Totem pole of Friendship, gift from the Oregon ...

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