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Wedding of George and Thelma Goss

14 March 1928

Wedding of George and Thelma (nee Jeffs) Goss. They were married ...

Four generations of Williams family


Four generations of Williams family: 4 generations: Rev Henry ...

Minnie Sisson and Mamie Sisson


Minnie Rose Sisson (Allen) and Mamie Emily St Clair Sisson ...

T. J. C Wilkins and friends

December 1922

My grandfather (Thomas Jacques Cuthbert Wilkins) with friends ...

Duke of York and Thomas Jacques Cuthbert Wilkins

March 1927

My grandfather (Thomas Jacques Cuthbert Wilkins) shaking hands ...

Cuthbert and Rex Wilkins

Late 1920s

Cuthbert and Rex Wilkins playing at 20 Rugby Street.

Scholarship winners


Four Standard 6 boys from Waimairi School who won scholarships ...

15 Clark Street

23 February 1924

[Left] A young girl and a young boy playing with a wheelbarrow ...

Aulsebrooks' staff


This photo of Aulsebrooks' staff was possibly taken in the early ...

Hampton brothers

Summer 1927

The 5 Hampton brothers, l to r Lawerence, Bill, Leo, Bob and ...

The boys of Phillipstown


The boys of Phillipstown, lined up on their homemade scooters. ...

Schneideman and Sons Ltd

November 1923

The opening sale for the Christchurch branch of Schneideman and ...

Shucks of feed on Greensfield Farm

1910s to 1920s

“On the Farm” – Greensfield Farm. Shucks of feed after ...

Elderton Homestead


Elderton Homestead. Joe, Mrs and Mr Elderton, Ethel and Greg. c. ...

Frances Sheddan on Tommy

1928 to 1932

Frances Sheddan on ‘Tommy’ the horse.

P&D Duncan Building, Christchurch


P&D Duncan Building, Christchurch [foundries and engineering ...

Cathedral Square, Christchurch. F.G.R. 6666

circa 1920s

Christchurch Cathedral and United Service Hotel in the Cathedral ...

Larnach Castle

circa 1930

Larnach Castle in Dunedin.

Fernglen House at Purau Bay


Grooming of the Hair: Jackson Sisters ( Edna, Lynley and ...

Cathedral Square, Christchurch. F.G.R. 6664

circa 1920

Cathedral Square, Christchurch. The Chief Post Office building ...

Cathedral Square, Christchurch. F.G.R. 6669

circa 1930

West Corner of the Cathedral Square, Christchurch. The John ...

First successful Trans-Tasman aeroplane crossing

11 September 1928

Photo of the first successful Trans-Tasman Aeroplane crossing ...

Greensfield Farm in Dunsandel

1922 to 1923

Great grandfather and Grandfather with the horses at ...

Horses at “Greensfield” Farm

1922 to 1923

Four horses that were used for farm work at “Greensfield” ...

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