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ChristChurch Cathedral Choristers


The ChristChurch Cathedral choir sing in the Cathedral square. ...

Blackwell Motors

Late 1920s

Panorama of staff of Blackwell Motors posing outside their ...

Lyttelton prison

Circa 1920s

Chapel at Lyttelton Prison.

The west wing of Lyttelton prison

Circa 1920s

Interior of the west wing of Lyttelton prison.

Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue.


Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue.

ChristChurch Cathedral


ChristChurch Cathedral.

Christchurch Fire Engine


"Make of the Fire Engine is a Maidstone. Fire Engine is ...

Shenley Orchard ploughing paddock of young Delicious apple trees


Edward Clarke & son Halkett Clarke ploughing the paddock of ...

Lincoln Ploughing Match, third prize


"My uncle Orton Bailey, 14 years old, driving. He won 3rd prize ...

Wedding at Oxford Terrace Baptist church

10 March 1926

Wedding photo of Alex Robertson and Ellen Myrtle Price stood ...

Cressbrook in Springston


"Three of Agnes [Bailey] and Percy [Bailey] 5 children sitting ...

2nd prize at the Christchurch Show


Harry Smith sat with his horse and cart at the Christchurch Show ...

Lincoln Plowing Match, first prize


"My grandfather Percy Vernon Bailey who won first prize in a ...

George Thomas Hawker from New Brighton, known as 'The Father of New Brighton'

June 1920

George Thomas Hawker from New Brighton, known as 'The Father of ...

Hut near Cora Lynn and the Waimakariri River, near Bealey


William (Bill) Penman (right) and friends outside an old hut ...

Margaret Cunneen at Mount Magdala


Margaret Cunneen aged 8 years on the grounds of Mount Magdala on ...

Ferry Road bridge, looking east

circa 1928

"The bridge is dangerously narrow leaving only 4 inches ...

Charlotte on a motorbike

circa 1923

This is my grandmother Charlotte Rita Dalrymple on my ...

Alby and Wally Pearce


Alby and Wally Pearce, proudly sitting on a motorbike, c ...

Arthur Cyril Pearce on motorbike


Arthur Cyril Pearce on motorbike, Merivale c 1919-1920

Service Station cnr of Madras and Tuam Streets


Service station Colin Penney had a share in on corner of Tuam ...

Beautiful Christchurch, album of Mavis Suckling 1927-1929

Circa 1928

"This collection of images of 'Beautiful Christchurch' comes ...

School Bus at Coopers Creek, Oxford


1926 Model T Bus at Coopers Creek near Rangiora. The lady, my ...

Christchurch Boys' High School band


From my father's photo album.

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