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Bowron's Woolston factory

2 March 1989

Sir Paul Reeves, Dr Robin Mann and Barney Sundsturm inspecting ...

Nick Williams with a wave ski

4 February 1989

Nick Williams with one of his wave skis at his business in ...

Hospital building site mural

2 October 1989

Painting a mural at the hospital building site.

Snow on Hardwicke Street, Sumner

31 June 1989

Julie Brookes playing in the snow with a bucket and spade on ...

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south from the ...

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south.

Snow at Victoria Park

30 May 1989

Timothy Hancock (left) and Justin Hancock in the snow at ...

Fragrance in Merivale

31 July 1989

Robyn Elliott (left) and Glenice Wyatt, shop owner, inside the ...

Manig Oiles

31 July 1989

Keith Wyatt preparing the animal product free oils for Manig ...

South Edge Tapes Co-operative

24 August 1989

Grant McDonagh of South Edge Tapes Co-operative, a ...

Glenelg Health Camp rafting trip

2 October 1989

Glenelg Health Camp children rafting on the Avon River.

Murray and Eleri Begg

19 May 1989

Murray Begg and his wife Eleri of the Last Footwear Company.

Murray Begg, shoe designer

14 April 1989

Shoe designer and manufacturer, Murray Begg.

Canterbury Public Library book sale

28 August 1989

Opawa Library secretary, George Ward, selecting books for the ...

Sarah Benzie, library assistant

2 February 1989

Sarah Benzie, library assistant at Canterbury Public Library, ...

Computerised stitching at Vinnell Shoes

14 April 1989

Salesman Noel McGregor with a computerised stitching machine at ...

Chinese student protest

3 June 1989

University students staging a peaceful protest in Cathedral ...

Children with snowman

29 May 1989

Siblings, Jessica Hankinson and Thomas Hankinson with a snowman ...

Papanui Library

31 July 1989

Louise Virtue outside Papanui Public Library on its official ...

Progressive Youth Movement reunion

24 October 1989

Murray Horton, Jim Andrews and other Progressive Youth Movement ...

Mavis Roberts and Ruby Watts outside the Theatre Royal

25 September 1989

Former child extras at the Theatre Royal, Mavis Roberts and Ruby ...

Bank of New Zealand building

26 July 1989

Exterior of the Bank of New Zealand building in the south of ...

BNZ Upper Riccarton opening

24 July 1989

Norman Blay, a long standing customer, at the opening of the ...

St Helena Estate

3 March 1989

Norman Mundy, Robin Mundy, and Mark Rattray celebrate the ...

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