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BNZ Upper Riccarton opening

24 July 1989

Norman Blay, a long standing customer, at the opening of the ...

St Helena Estate

3 March 1989

Norman Mundy, Robin Mundy, and Mark Rattray celebrate the ...

Bank of New Zealand building

24 July 1989

Exterior of the Bank of New Zealand building to the South of ...

Keith Webb at Parklands Post Bank

9 October 1989

Keith Webb, a customer at the new Parklands Post Bank in ...

Christchurch East students performing

13 December 1989

Christchurch East school students, Dellas Shirtcliffe and Tammy ...

Stuart Branch with Aviator Bear

4 December 1989

A child, Stuart Branch, getting a hug and a toy Aviator Bear ...

Hornby Mall Christmas donkey

20 December 1989

Rona-Renai Frogley shares her ice cream with a donkey at Hornby ...

Mail for Santa at Northlands Mall

8 December 1989

Santa Claus and Katrina Franklin of New Zealand Post at ...

Cameron Kinzett with Santa Claus

15 December 1989

A child, Cameron Kinzett, with Santa Claus. They are holding a ...

Vicki Buck and Keith Drayton with a rescue helicopter

20 September 1989

View of a new air rescue helicopter on a promotional flight ...

Jelly bean eating competition

10 February 1989

Theo Stewart attempting to eat 100 jelly beans during the ...

Jelly bean eating competition

10 February 1989

Clare Kershaw attempting to eat 100 jelly beans during the ...

Te Kotahi tangi Māori culture group

11 December 1989

Te Kotahi Tangi Māori culture group performing on stage during ...

Car park outside Northlands Shopping Centre

15 July 1989

View of the car park area, signage and entrance to Northlands ...

Scaffolders on Provincial Building roof.

19 October 1989

Ron Nesbitt and Alan Murray work renovate the Canterbury ...

Canterbury Provincial Building renovation work

19 October 1989

Renovation work on the Canterbury Provincial Building.

View from roof of Bob Jones building

18 July 1989

View of Victoria Square, Christchurch Town Hall, Park Royal ...

Flooding in Hagley Park

23 October 1989

Flooding in Hagley Park.

Uniflex Pioneer Midgets

31 March 1989

Members of the Uniflex Pioneer Midgets

Burst water main on Breens Road, Bishopdale

14 April 1989

Robert Hewison and his grandmother Sylvia Hewison examining a 3 ...

Boring of Bexley water well

1 May 1989

Two workmen, Garry Campbell (right) and Brent Elley, operating a ...

Uncle Lims restaurant, Shades Arcade

24 October 1989

Interior of Uncle Lims restaurant in the Shades Arcade in Cashel ...

Christchurch Town Hall Restaurant

7 November 1989

Interior of the dining area with set tables at the restaurant ...

Wharenui School student packing a Red Cross friendship bag

8 November 1989

A student, Miranda Collins, from Wharenui school busy packing a ...

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