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Hail at Cashel Mall

4 March 1983

Remains of a hailstorm in Cashel Mall, looking east.

Hail on Oxford Terrace

4 March 1983

View along Oxford Terrace after hailstorm.

Flooding on Harewood Road

20 December 1983

A man cycling through flooded Harewood Road.

Hail in the central city

4 March 1983

Hail on Kilmore Street outside the Town Hall.

Don Nordhaus with children

5 May 1983

Don Nordhaus, director of YMCA programmes and camping services, ...

People's Palace Hotel mural

1 February 1983

Artists painting a mural of the People's Palace Hotel on ...

Fog on Harper Avenue

13 June 1983

A cyclist waiting for traffic in fog on Harper Avenue next to ...

Amalgamated Batteries

22 December 1983

L.H. McCarroll, assistant general manager of Amalgamated ...

Canterbury Public Library

3 June 1983

Exterior of the Canterbury Public Library on the corner of ...

Debut of Libraryline at Canterbury Public Library

25 May 1983

Ainslie Dewe, assistant librarian with the Libraryline computer ...

Entrance to the Canterbury Public Library

29 June 1983

View of the signage and doors for the entrance to Canterbury ...

The New Zealand Room at Canterbury Public Library

11 June 1983

Sue Sutherland and Steve McCloy, job share for the New Zealand ...

Motorcycle in the Canterbury Public Library

24 February 1983

Librarian Adrian Birkbeck on a motor cycle inside the Canterbury ...

Bamford Street pipeline

8 April 1983

Excavations on Bamford Street in Woolston to lower a pipeline.

Addington timber

29 January 1983

Exterior of the Addington timber site at Yaldhurst.

Watties factory production line

9 November 1983

Canned goods on a production line in the Watties factory in ...

View of the Groynes

4 January 1983

The suspension bridge crossing the waterways at the Groynes.

Growth of native plants at the Groynes

5 January 1983

Ranger Malcolm Campbell with native growth at the Groynes.

Groynes ranger, Malcolm Campbell

5 January 1983

Ranger Malcolm Campbell on the suspension bridge at the Groynes.

Lyttelton Public Library

23 June 1983

Librarians Wendy Gallagher and Phillippa Collett outside ...

Lyttelton librarians

25 June 1983

Librarians Wendy Gallagher and Phillippa Collett inside ...

The new Westpac uniforms

13 June 1983

Staff modelling the new Westpac staff wardrobe with various ...

Banking advertisements

29 January 1983

Various advertising leaflets for banking including those for ...

Building the new Canterbury Savings Bank building

25 March 1983

Dean Stevenson working on the construction of the new Canterbury ...

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