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St Michael and All Angels Church

16 May 2021

Part of Open Christchurch event.

Briar Cook behind the counter at Scalasi

December 1990

I worked at Scalasi for about 10 months from 1990-1991. I got a ...

Bob Bradford Big Band Carlton Hotel


Dad lived for his music. A few years after playing at the Winter ...

The ladies and men working at Miller's, Christchurch

About 1963

Machinists at Miller's in Tuam Street early 1960's. Jessie ...

Opening Wedding presents


Sean O'Hagan, Liam O'Hagan, Asimanogi O'Hagan and Lagi Iosefa ...

Opening Wedding presents


O'Hagan and Iosefa Families opening wedding gifts from Sean ...

The reality of working from home

April 2020

A sign on the door to let the kids know not to disturb Dad while ...

New bus rules

May 2020

Social distancing signs on the bus during Level 2.

Knit around the Tram


Knit around the Tram for World Knit in Public Day.

Sourdough Bread during Lockdown

April 2020

A loaf of sourdough bread made during lockdown 2020.

Sourdough Starters

April 2020

Active sourdough starters which were created during lockdown.

Lockdown Crochet Blanket

May 2020

A big crochet project completed during Lockdown 2020.

Signage at Northlands Mall

16 May 2020

Covid19 sign inside to Northlands Mall.

Signage at Northlands Mall

16 May 2020

Covid19 sign in Northlands Mall.

Signage at Northlands Mall

16 May 2020

Covid19 sign at an entry to Northlands Mall.

The connecting dinner table

19 May 2020

At the dinner table we can always connect with family. This ...

Cat Tank

5 May 2020

The image fits the theme because I'm spending time with my ...

Home Learning In My Safe Place

June 2020

This picture shows the true image of homeschooling in your safe ...


June 2020

This photo shows the true meaning of your safe place. What makes ...

Covid-19 Daily Briefing

20 April 2020

At home watching the daily Covid-19 briefing on TVNZ.

Deneka resting on chair.

29 April 2020

Deneka the cat just woken up.

Trying new things during L4 lockdown: Kitchen mad science!

‎17 ‎April ‎2020, ‏‎4:19PM

Joining the Lockdown National Bake-off trend, I've been ...

Covid-19 lockdown precautions on Go Bus vehicle, #80 route

14 ‎April ‎2020, ‏‎11:15AM

Most extensive Covid-19 signage & cautions I've seen on a Chch ...

Trying to find that elusive piece

17 April 2020

Joseph and Alan Ward building Lego during lockdown.

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