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Box hedge in red zone garden 2021

February 2021

Part of a series of photos of garden plants which have survived ...

Native trees in Canterbury Park

Saturday 25 April 2020

View of native cabbage trees along a path in Canterbury Park, ...

Bear peaking over the fence

3 April 2020

Bear peaking over the fence on Harris Crescent as part of the ...

Winding Path in Cardigan Bay Reserve

3 April 2020

We use this wee reserve on Lincoln Road to cut back to the path ...

Cabbage Tree Man

5 April 2020

This is a well loved sculptural piece on the corner of Disraeli ...

Christchurch tram rides


This photo was taken in the city. I was far away and crouched ...

Avon River


The Avon River in Christchurch city centre. You can see a bridge ...

YMCA building


River Avon series. Photo Sale & Ex. YMCA building. Postcards

Cabbage trees

22 April 2018

Cabbage trees

Cabbage trees

22 April 2018

Cabbage trees

Southshore Spit Reserve, Southshore

Friday, 15 July 2016

New Zealand cabbage trees growing in Southshore Spit Reserve, ...

Timeball Station

27 May 2011

Post Earthquake damage to the Timeball station in Lyttelton.

Burnside High school uniforms

20 January 1976

Students at Burnside High display their school's uniforms.

Members of the Linwood High School environment committee

4 August 1987

Students Nicholas Mortimer and Carmen Smith, members of the ...

The Lyttelton Timeball Station

30 January 2011

The Lyttelton Timeball Station, 30 January 2011. Little did I ...

Poupou at Market Square

ca. 2000

A special poupou or pou pou was commissioned for the site as ...

Ti Kouka / Cabbage Tree at Horse Shoe Lake

26 May 2018

Ti Kouka / Cabbage Tree and duck at Horse Shoe Lake reserve with ...

Ti Kouka / Cabbage Tree in snow

6 June 2012

Heavy snow in the central city.

Historic Cabbage Trees at Burnside High School

18 December 1967

Stand of cabbage trees with Burnside High School buildings in ...

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