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Residents of Rannerdale War Veteran's Home

12 March 1985

Residents in the new memorial garden area at Rannerdale War ...

Firefighters at number 6 petrol tank

23 July 1985

Firefighters hosing down the number 6 petrol storage tank at ...

Walnut farmer

4 July 1985

Rex Baker, Halswell walnut farmer.

Mike Reitsma of Fendalton Fish Supply

18 January 1985

Mike Reitsma with sea caught salmon at Fendalton Fish Supply at ...

Marlin computer in operation

14 January 1985

Marlin, a marine loading indicator computer in operation amongst ...

Ray Whiting and golfing buggy

7 December 1985

Christchurch industrial design engineer, Ray Whiting with the ...

Red Wooden Phone Box


Red Wooden Phone Box in Woolston 1985.

Christchurch Railway Station


Christchurch Railway Station Platform 1980s.

Chapmans Road railway crossing


Chapmans Road intersecting the railway lines, looking towards ...

Ian Cameron with Peppercorn the donkey

13 November 1985

Ian Cameron with Peppercorn the donkey at the Canterbury ...

Intersection of Riccarton Road and Straven Road

21 June 1985

Intersection of Riccarton Road and Straven Road.

Gas works material for landfill

12 June 1985

Material from the demolished Christchurch Gas Company gas works ...

Moller and Young Engravers


Moller and Young Engravers. 224 Oxford Terrace - circa 1985

Papanui Boxing Club, 1985


Papanui Boxing Club, Winner of Bluey Allen Cup, Most Wins ...

Hotel workers' protest

19 March 1985

Hotel workers marching in protest to the Hotel Association ...

Anti-myxomatosis graffiti

29 April 1985

Anti-myxomatosis graffiti on the North Canterbury Federated ...

Firestone factory strike

15 March 1985

Staff from the Firestone factory in Papanui allowing a car to ...

Bus driver, Des Wicks

4 December 1985

Bus driver, Des Wicks, having a tea break at the Ferry Road bus ...

Bus driver protest

10 December 1985

Bus drivers protesting outside Carruca House in Cathedral ...

Bus driver protest

10 December 1985

Bus drivers with placards protesting low wages outside the ...

Salvation Army mobile canteen

15 June 1985

Captain Gary Bottomley (right) of the Salvation Army and Rotary ...

Removal of Whitcoulls clock

16 August 1985

View of electrician Gordon Williams disconnecting the clock ...

Tram Road, Swannanoa

9 February 1985

Incorrectly spelled traffic warning on Tram Road, Swannanoa.

Parklands mall shops

12 January 1985

The exterior of a former hardware store which will become four ...

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