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Wainoni Butchery

1 April 1985

Exterior of Wainoni Butchery.

Keeping warm on a building site

3 July 1985

The Municipal Electricity Department workers, John Hiddleston, ...

Parking enlargement at Arts Centre

22 July 1985

Belfast Rotary Club members demolishing curbing outside the Arts ...

Low water pressure in Horotane Valley

12 November 1985

Tony Burnett, market gardener, with an orchard in Horotane ...

Sisters at the beach

21 December 1985

Jane and Helen Truscott at the beach.

Mushroom cloud formation

26 January 1985

Mushroom cloud formation over the Port Hills. In the foreground ...

Cameron Romeril with an article on the Big Blow storm

3 August 1985

Cameron Romeril with a newspaper article from 10 years ago ...

YMCA leaders

4 May 1985

YMCA leaders outside the YMCA building on Hereford Street.

People's Palace Hotel mural

8 June 1985

Manchester Street mural of the People's Palace Hotel.

Aldwins Road waterworks pumping station mural

8 June 1985

Mural on Aldwins Road waterworks pumping station.

Gloucester Street liquor store mural

8 June 1985

Mural depicting traditions of brewing on the wall of a liquor ...

Mural in St Asaph street

8 June 1985

Mural in St Asaph Street with Canterbury characters including ...

Placemakers carpark mural

8 June 1985

Mural the carpark of Placemakers, corner of Mandeville Street ...

Tuam Street carpark mural

8 June 1985

Mural on Tuam Street carpark wall, designed and painted by Arts ...

Glenelg Health Camp letters

1 August 1985

Glenelg Health Camp children with stamped letters.

Burnside High School Reunion 1985 (Year 1961-62 pupils)

April 1985

Burnside High School reunion 1985 photo of year 1961-62 pupils ...

Japanese books for Canterbury Public Library

12 April 1985

Tomoji Aoki, Consular Affairs Officer, presenting a collection ...

Paramount Candy Company, Blenheim

4 April 1985

Twirl lollipops being made at the Paramount Candy Company ...

Ben and Thomas Harrow with fruit picking buckets

26 December 1985

Ben and Thomas Harrow preparing fruit picking buckets.

View of BNZ construction

11 May 1985

Construction of the BNZ building as seen from Cambridge Terrace.

Redcliffs School tree planting

10 August 1985

Pupils from Redcliffs school tree planting, Mr Wakeham.

Redcliffs School tree planting

10 August 1985

Pupils from Redcillfs School tree planting - Mr W W Clinton.

Bank officers' strike meeting

31 October 1985

Bank officers meeting to vote on continuing strike action ...

Strike outside Westpac in Papanui

1 November 1985

Striking bank officers outside the Papanui branch of Westpac ...

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