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Sheep bollard in the city

26 October 2014

These colorful, plastic sheep bollards popped up in the city. ...

Lorde rocks the crowd during the Christchurch leg of her first New Zealand tour

27 October 2014

Lorde (Ella Yelich-O'Connor) performs to a packed crowd at ...

Busker amazes the FESTA crowds with fire poi

25 October 2014

A pair of buskers amazed the crowds at the FEStival of ...

Young and old relaxing inside Orbis at FESTA

25 October 2014

Young and old alike are delighted by the Orbis CityUps ...

Acrobatics on sheep sculptures during FESTA

25 October 2014

I happened to spot some friends who then decided to do some ...

Children marvel at the ice sculpture at the Diwali Festival

25 October 2014

Children marvel at the ice sculptures on display at the Diwali ...

Camera operator enjoying the performance at Diwali

25 October 2014

I noticed that this camera man who was filming the live ...

Infant looking over the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III

4 October 2014

An infant looks out through an observation window over the cargo ...

Excitement at Diwali

25 October 2014

View from the crowds looking towards the stage of excited ...

Crowds at Diwali

25 October 2014

View from the crowds, looking towards the stage, gathered to ...

Under the C-17

4 October 2014

Under the wings of the C-17 Globemaster III at the United States ...

Back of the former St James Theatre

October 2014

View of the derelict theatre on Tuam Street from St Asaph ...

Crane from temporary bus exchange

October 2014

Looking west from the temporary bus exchange, between Lichfield ...

Vintage fire engine

19 October 2014

Vintage fire engine at Heritage Week 2014, Arts Centre carpark, ...

New Stranges building on High Street corner

17 October 2014

View over a flower bed to the new Stanges building on the corner ...

Burwood War Memorial

October 2014

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