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View along Hereford Street

14 August 1976

View of buildings along Hereford Street starting at 90 Hereford ...

Aalt Verkerk

30 August 1976

Aalt Verkerk with meat products.

Harold Fletcher

30 August 1976

Harold Fletcher of Percy's Meat Market with his limited supply ...

Queenspark Estate, Parklands

5 August 1976

View along Queenspark Drive on the Queenspark Estate during the ...

A plastic house on Richmond Hill

17 August 1976

A plastic house on Richmond Hill named "Greensleeves" by its ...

Hop scotch world record attempt

25 August 1976

Branston Intermediate School students, (from left) Frank Stace, ...

Dunstable House issued pennies

12 August 1976

Close-up of privately issued pennies of Dunstable House. ...

Retaining wall slipping onto home, Redcliffs

28 August 1976

Looking down onto a retaining wall that has slipped onto the ...

Richardson Terrace and Clarendon Terrace under flood

27 August 1976

The Heathcote River floods Richardson Terrace and Clarendon ...

Cashmere High School dance at Barrington Mall

13 August 1976

Cashmere High School dancing at Barrington Mall.

Armagh St fish shop

31 August 1976

Interior of fish shop on Armagh Street with two fishmongers.

Magistrates Court, Armagh Street

7 August 1976

Exterior front view of the main entrance to the Magistrates ...

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