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Reverend Poai Manahi and Lt. Commander H. Dawson

7 February 1981

The Rev Poai Manahi greets Lieutenant Commander H. Dawson at the ...

Rare canoe at Okains Bay museum

7 February 1981

A sailing canoe on display at Okains Bay museum for Waitangi ...

Rarotongan Dance Troupe Waitangi Day performance

7 February 1981

Rarotongan Dance Troupe performing at Okains Bay for Waitangi ...

John Rua carving at Okains Bay

7 February 1981

John Rua carving at the Okains Bay Waitangi Day celebrations.

Pop Brown with Waitangi Day hangi

6 February 1981

Pop Brown from the Chatham Islands Tewhatumanawa Culture Club ...

Medway Street footbridge

10 February 1981

The Medway Street footbridge being lifted into place over the ...

Androids performance

12 February 1981

Band, The Androids, performing at the Arts Centre in the ...

Paul Freer and bulldozer umbrella

11 February 1981

Paul Freer uses an umbrella as a means of keeping the sun off ...

Fallen tree, Palatine Terrace

17 February 1981

A cyclist lifting their bike over a tree which has been blown ...

McVicar Timber saw mill

10 February 1981

Logs in the McVicar Timber saw mill on John's Road in Harewood.

Dragon at St Martins Public Library

20 February 1981

Helen Kissell and her young brother David Kissell admiring a ...

Wally Hannam at BNZ Armagh Street

11 February 1981

Wally Hannam, senior customer officer at BNZ Armagh Street with ...

Brownies performing salute

27 February 1981

Brownies saluting outside ChristChurch Cathedral in Cathedral ...

Dentist at Skellerup Industries Ltd

12 February 1981

Dentist, Mr Dennis Foley with the joint managing director of ...

Aunt Haysl - Edna Neville

4 February 1981

Edna Neville - aka Aunt Haysl -at her desk, following her ...

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