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Nurses portrait

About 1910

Contributor’s note: “Unknown photo of nurses from my ...

New Zealand Nurses Organisation rally in Victoria Square

15 April 2023

Nurses and healthcare workers gathered for speeches by New ...

Thinking metres? Think in Peters!

27 May 2020

Life in the time of Covid. Poster encouraging physical ...

Samoan Nurses group catching up


Samoan Nurses group catching up in the backyard.

Tuberculosis hospital middle sanatorium

11 July 1970

The Middle sanatorium at Cashmere's tuberculosis hospital.

Elderly patients of Coronation Hospital

12 October 1962

Elderly patients and nurses at Coronation Hospital.

Three Nurses on their day off

August 1951

"Three Nurses on their day off - dressed ready for lunch at ...


Pre 1920

Postcard showing of two nurses posing next to a decorated car in ...

Christchurch Hospital nursing staff


Nursing staff of the Christchurch Hospital taken towards the end ...

Attendees of the 1936 nurses' reunion

22 August 1986

Eight nurses of the class of 1936 gathered in a hospital chapel. ...

Jubilee reunion of nurses

14 May 1980

Former nurses meeting at the Hagley Nurses Hostel for their ...

Nurse reunion

14 January 1976

Reunion of nurses who started their training together at ...

Fire engine at Christchurch Hospital

17 October 1981

A fire and rescue exercise taking place at Christchurch Hospital ...

Elaine Mary Bailey, Karitane Nurse


"My mother Elaine Mary Bailey who worked as a Karitane Nurse. ...

"Humphrey" the Skeleton at Bromley Primary School

3 April 1986

A group of students from Bromley Primary School posing with ...

Lunch service at a rest home in New Brighton

29-03-2016 12:20 p.m.

A nurse serving lunch to resident Graeme at a rest home in New ...

Plunket nurse community visit


Scenes of a Plunket van parked on a residential street in Hoon ...

Burwood Hospital staff

28 May 1965

A group of male and female nurses playing basketball at Burwood ...

The funeral of Nurse Maude

14 July 1935

Many hundreds of people lined the route from the Cathedral to St ...

Bethany Maternity Hospital, Papanui

12 May 1961

Nurse, Brigadier Drummond with the new incubator with a newborn ...

Nurses at St Helens Hospital

20 December 1963

A group of nurses at St Helens Hospital at 885 Colombo Street ...

Mural at Christchurch Womens Hospital, Colombo Street

1 April 1982

Nurse Vivienne Steele stood next to "The Grandmother of Europe" ...

Matron at Christchurch Womens Hospital, Colombo Street

28 June 1969

Portrait of the Matron, Miss Fraser, in her uniform sat in an ...

Midwifery Trainees at Christchurch Women's Hospital


Don't know much about this other than what my mother, Eve ...

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