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Floating Crane Rapaki in dry dock


Floating crane Rapaki in the dry dock Lyttelton Harbour 1960's.

Construction of Metro Sports facility

October 2020

"Yes!!! Metro Sports Facility has a big go ahead and it is ...

Reinstatement works on the ChristChurch Cathedral

September 2020

"Can you imagine what is the future like in the next 10 years? ...

A Room with a View

04 August 2020

Restoring the Chirst Church Cathedral.

Construction of the Aged People's Welfare Council building

3 May 1986

Exterior view of the new headquarters of the Aged People's ...

Defiance Flour Mill's new warehouse

26 September 1999

Concrete panels being erected at the new warehouse for Defiance ...

Fleming and Co fire

11 June 1971

The debris of the Fleming and Co flour mill on Deans Avenue in ...

Cement silos at Lyttelton

11 June 1991

The concrete (right) and steel cement silos (left) at Gladstone ...

Shifting a printing press

16 April 1971

Moving a printing press from the printing department of the ...

Christchurch Star office building construction

4 April 1957

Framework of the Christchurch Star office building on Kilmore ...

Foundation pile driving for Christchurch Star building

Circa 1950s

Foundations piles being driven at the construction of the ...

Construction site of the Christchurch Star office building

Circa 1950s

Scaffolding on the construction site of the Christchurch Star ...

Chaneys Road underpass

26 January 1972

Construction of the Chaneys Road underpass on the northern ...

Timaru's gas plant

1 May 1975

The gas plant on Perth Street, Timaru.

Construction of university buildings

20 June 1973

Construction of lecture theatre at the University of Canterbury ...

University of Canterbury library building

31 August 1973

Construction work on the University of Canterbury library ...

Construction of university buildings

25 September 1965

Construction of a building at the University of Campus. In the ...

Construction of the Ministry of Transport building

24 April 1975

Materials for office partitions being lifted into the Ministry ...

Transportation of piles

17 September 1969

A load of piles being removed from a transporter at Lyttelton.

Transport Board building construction

23 February 1972

Construction of the new Transport Board building in Cathedral ...

Big crane at Te Pae convention center site

30 November 2019

Big crane at Te Pae convention center site. Taken from ...

Lyttelton Port

24 November 2008

Lyttelton Port

Diamond Harbour Ferry

24 November 2008

Diamond Harbour Ferry on Lyttelton Harbour

Colombo Street


Colombo Street. School trip photos looking down Colombo Street ...

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