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Traffic control centre, Tuam Street

18 October 1980

The computer area of the traffic control centre at the civic ...

A. J. Whites furnishing store

7 October 1980

Exterior of A. J. Whites home furnishers on the corner of Tuam ...

Gwenda Patridge with "Smoking Sam"

9 October 1980

Youth health worker, Gwenda Patridge with "Smoking Sam" who is ...

Christchurch Archery Club members, Burwood Park

6 October 1980

Three members of the Christchurch Archery Club with bows and ...

Margaret Finnerty with her loom

7 October 1980

Weaver, Margaret Finnerty, with her loom in the loft of her barn ...

Container delivery by helicopter, Gloucester Street

25 October 1980

View of a helicopter hovering over Gloucester Street during the ...

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