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One in one out


One twin brother is allowed the freedom of swimming, the other ...

Corsair Bay


Corsair Bay was popular for generations for beach outings. Girls ...

Drying out at Corsair Bay


These three boys are warming themselves against the rock wall at ...

Swimming in the waterhole

About 1948

Peter Stocker, Lesley McManus, Doreen Stocker, Terence McManus ...

Marshall Family swimming

About 1960

Coes Ford. Swimming in the river-Sally on Dad's (Bruce) back. ...

Edith Bedford and Patricia Ellena at Coe’s Ford

About 1929/30

Pat with great aunt Edith Bedford at Coe's Ford.

About to Test the Water

February 1958

A summer Sunday outing February 1958 at the Waimakariri River. ...

Bill Jarman Corsia Bay

early 1970

Bill Jarman standing beside the steps at Corsia Bay.

Corsair Bay

2 January 2022

Swimmers and boats in the water at Corsair Bay.

Swimmers at Lake Rua

5 January 2022

Swimmers at Lake Rua in the Roto Kahatu Reserve on Sawyers Arms ...

Boats at Quail Island

2 January 2019

People swimming beside boats anchored near the shore of Quail ...

Phillipstown Amateur Swimming Club patch

16 October 2021

Embroidered patch for the Phillipstown Amateur Swimming Club ...

Summer at Quail Island

2 January 2019

Picnics, swimming, and boating at Quail Island.

Boys' High Swimming Sports, 1919

26 February 1919

Boys from Christchurch Boys High School at the Graving Dock in ...

The Skinny Dip, 1935


My Uncle Allan on a day trip to Waipara ready for a skinny dip!

Diamond Harbour


Two images in a photograph album, one of a group swimming at ...

Swimming in Corsair Bay, 1915


Swimming in Corsair Bay around 1915 with Diamond Harbour in the ...

Swimming at the Temuka River

6 February 1934

At the Temuka River February 6th 1934.

Swimming at the Groynes

26 January 1980

A group of adults and children swimming in a branch of the ...

At Corsair Bay 1919

26 February 1919

Boys from Christchurch Boys High School at Corsair Bay after the ...

Sumner Beach 1966

23 May 1966

Sumner Beach, looking across towards Southshore. The remains of ...

Swimmers at QEII swimming pool

1 April 1991

A group of young people wearing snorkels in the pool waiting to ...

Bathers at Corsair Bay

About 1920

Mother and daughter Alice and Venis Todd with two cousins at ...

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