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Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula from the Gondola

29 April 2022

View of Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula from the Gondola.

Lyttelton Harbour from the Gondola

29 April 2022

View of Lyttelton Harbour from the Gondola.

Federation of Socialist Societies Inaugural Conference

22 October 2024

Attendees of the inaugural national conference of the Federation ...

Lyttelton Port

25 March 2024

Lyttelton under a full moon.

HMNZS Endeavour photographed at Lyttelton, December 1956

16th or 17th of December, 1956

HMNZS Endeavour photographed at Lyttelton on the 16th or 17th of ...

Car on Sumner Road

2 November 2023

Sumner Road leading down to Lyttelton.

John Jameson Lookout

31 December 2023

Early morning view from John Jameson Lookout on the Summit Road.

Lyttelton Locomotive Team

About 1908

Portrait of the thirteen unidentified members of the Lyttelton ...

Lyttelton Port

26 November 2023

Lyttelton port at night.

“Tangerine” performing at the Lyttelton Club

7 March 1998

Members of the music group“Tangerine” performing at the ...

Torpedo boat


A torpedo boat in Lyttelton Harbour.

MS Regatta cruise ship


The MS Regatta cruise ship in Lyttelton Harbour while a ...

13 Dublin Street, Lyttelton


Contributor's note: "The Duffell Family came to Canterbury on ...

Port of Lyttelton from the East

About 1930

Etched on photo: 1485-Lyttelton Burton Bros. Dunedin.

MV Doulos book fair


Children from Phillipstown School standing beside the MV Doulos ...

Richard Cook fishing at Lyttelton

May 1988

Richard Cook fishing at Lyttelton wharf.

Paul Quartly in Lyttelton

May 1988

Paul Quartly on Lyttelton wharf, with the ship Plata in the ...

Lyttelton Wharf


Gail Cook and Matthew Quartly standing beside the fence to the ...

Lyttelton from the Christchurch Gondola

16 April 2023

View across Lyttelton and across to Quail Island and Banks ...

Bill Jarman Corsia Bay

early 1970

Bill Jarman standing beside the steps at Corsia Bay.

Grubb Cottage 2003

13 July 2003

Grubb Cottage in 2003 before restoration at 62 London Street, ...

Bentley Coachlines #411

28 December 2022

An ex-Red Bus operated by Bentley Coachlines doing cruise ship ...

Bedroom at Grubb Cottage, Lyttelton

12 November 2022

View inside a bedroom at Grubb Cottage, 62 London Street in ...

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