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Inter Island Ferry Maori


TEV Maori before conversion to a roll on roll off vessel in ...

Lyttelton Harbour in the 1950s


View over Lyttelton Harbour across to Diamond Harbour in the ...

Art in Lyttelton - Happy New Year 2021

2 January 2021

Artwork in Lyttelton.

Floating Crane Rapaki in dry dock


Floating crane Rapaki in the dry dock Lyttelton Harbour 1960's.

Lyttelton Road Tunnel

31 August 2014

Groups of people walking through Lyttelton Road Tunnel in 2014.

Lyttelton harbour

Early 1960s

Lyttelton looking across to Banks Peninsula, taken from the air.

Yacht Moorings Lyttelton


Yachts moored at the inner harbor at Lyttelton.

Lyttelton Road Tunnel under construction


View during the construction of the Lyttelton Road Tunnel ...

T.E.V Maori and Icebreaker USS Glacier


Inter island ferry T.E.V Maori and Icebreaker USS Glacier ...

Lyttelton Tunnel construction


"Lyttelton Tunnel Under construction. Drilling from Heathcote ...

Port Nelson and Icebreaker USS Glacier


Port Nelson and Icebreaker USS Glacier docked at Lyttelton ...

Corinthic Passenger Ship


View of the Corinthic Passenger Ship at Lyttelton Harbour. ...

Captain Champion on Dredge Canterbury


View of Captain Champion aboard Dredge Canterbury at Lyttelton ...

HMS Jupiter and Tranz Tours Cruiseship, Lyttelton

August 1974

View of the HMS Jupiter and Tranz Tours Cruise ship at Lyttelton ...

HMS Royalist


View of the HMS Royalist on it's way to Port Lyttelton.

Rangatira leaving Lyttelton


The interisland ferry, the Rangatira leaving Lyttelton Harbour ...

Lyttelton Times First Edition Commemorative Plaque


"This plaque was attached to the building at 2 Norwich Quay ...

Art installation in Lyttelton

5 October 2020

"A quirky art installation, situated in a window towards the ...

Harkess family portrait


"L-R Back Sibylla (nee Gardner) holding Lena. 2nd row Thomas ...

Timeball Station, Lyttelton

4 July 2011

View of the Lyttelton Timeball Station taken from Reserve ...

STOP on St David's Street

May 2020

Looking down the hill in Lyttelton on a dark night.

Sunset on St David's Street

May 2020

A bright orange sunset in Lyttelton.

Lyttelton Library at night

May 2020

An artistic photo of Lyttelton Library.

Tree in the fog

May 2020

A dark and moody photo of a tree on a foggy night.

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