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Family portrait


Mamie Emily St Clair Illingworth, Arthur Rowberry Illingworth, ...

1st Canterbury Regimental Band rehersal


The 1st Canterbury Regimental Band rehearsing on the grounds of ...

Royal visit to Burnham Military Camp

22 January 1954

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visiting Burham Military Camp ...

Rappelling at Burnham Camp

12 June 1993

Limited service volunteer Michael Walford, 19, rappelling at ...

Burnham Military Camp


Soldiers standing outside a building at Burnham Military Camp.

Home guard


A group of men in the Home Guard.

In training at Burnham Military Camp


Group photograph of soilders during their training at Burnham ...

Filming at Burnham Military Camp

8 March 1969

Mr Kell Fowler filming soldiers at Burnham Military Camp as ...

Hillmorton High School visit to Burnham Military Camp

9 December 1963

Student from Hillmorton High School, Judith Josland, inspecting ...

Riccarton High School students at Burnham Military Camp

20 November 1972

Sergeant Colin Ryan, a gunnery instructor, explaining the ...

Soldiers loading an anti-aircraft gun

12 April 1943

A group of soldiers loading a 3.7 anti-aircraft gun as part of ...

Field signallers training

22 July 1942

A group of field signallers attending a training lecture at the ...

Special Reservists at military school

Circa 1940s

A group of special reservists undergoing instruction in ...

Soldiers at a military display

29 March 1943

Four New Zealand Army soldiers, two on the ground and two ...

Womens' Royal Army Corp Parade


Parade of the Women's Royal Army Corps at Burnham Camp.

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