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Murphy Bros


This is an extended version of a previous submission entitled ...

The Union Methodist business Girls Sports Team, Lancaster Park


Uniforms were made by Ray Milliners in New Regent Street. 15 ...

Cremorne Cakes, Delivery Van

Late 1940s early 1950s

Delivery van of Cremorne Cakes, started by J. H. (Henry) ...

Portrait of a girl


This girl wears a pink satin homemade dress, pink ribbon, hair ...

Sunday visit to the City


This photo was taken by the Avon River in front of the Clarendon ...

Grandparents with eldest Grandchild


This photo was taken on the day of a family wedding. The cameo ...

Wartime in the city

7 August, 1942

Cranmer Square, Christchurch. Universal Bren gun carriers and ...

Ready to go out


Margaret May Leader (now Kaiser) about 2.5 yrs, taken in ...

Ghost Train


Dorothy Ward with Sally and John Ward on the Ghost Train, ...

A Well Dressed Couple


George and Jean Fraser of Cashmere in Cathedral Square in front ...

A Day in Town


Margaret May Leader (now Kaiser) had a day in town with her mum ...

Edward and Anastasia


Edward and Anastasia Sullivan are my grandparents. When this ...

My Nanny and I


My paternal grandmother was known as "Nanny' to me and took me ...

Teenage Campers

Summer 1947

Dennis Peers, Norm Ching, Ian Hibberd, Andy Law Camping at ...



Taken 1947 or 1948 on grandad's back door step.

Two 3 year olds


With son of Mum's friend. Could have been at a party as our ...

Picnic at Lake Mahinapua

Late 1940s

Local school picnic was always held at Lake Mahinapua (near ...

Hunter and Dog

About 1948

Ivan Hibberd and spaniel dog Max; rabbit, hares and duck hunter, ...

Enjoying the afternoon sun


Me as a toddler in the latest 1940's fashion for toddlers!.

Spic and Span


NZ Airman Gene Hibberd on leave in Auckland 1942.

Boating on the Avon, 1940s


Sydney Smith on the Avon River.

Hagley Park

Spring 1944

Kevin and his mum amongst the daffodils in Hagley Park in Spring ...

Teenage Fashion

12 November 1948

My mother and her cousins (aged 10-14 yrs) outside the ...

Papanui High School Prefects and House Captains


At Christchurch Botanical Gardens

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