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Rappelling at Burnham Camp

12 June 1993

Limited service volunteer Michael Walford, 19, rappelling at ...

Melwood equestrian show - Brooke and freya

22 June 2019

Brooke riding Freya in Melwood mini-show, Freya and Brookes ...

The poultry farm

5 February 1902

The poultry farm at Burnham Industrial School.

Hillmorton High School visit to Burnham Military Camp

9 December 1963

Student from Hillmorton High School, Judith Josland, inspecting ...

Riccarton High School students at Burnham Military Camp

20 November 1972

Sergeant Colin Ryan, a gunnery instructor, explaining the ...

Soldiers loading an anti-aircraft gun

12 April 1943

A group of soldiers loading a 3.7 anti-aircraft gun as part of ...

Field signallers training

22 July 1942

A group of field signallers attending a training lecture at the ...

Special Reservists at military school

Circa 1940s

A group of special reservists undergoing instruction in ...

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