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Moody New Brighton sky

August 2018

Moody New Brighton sky with a tattered Aotearoa flag fluttering ...

1974 British Commonwealth Games

January 1974

Spectators at the 1974 British Commonwealth Games, held at Queen ...

Spectators view of QEII

January 1974

View of the stadium track at Queen Elizabeth II Park, during the ...

Seaview Road

23 December 1967

View of shoppers and cars along Seaview Road, taken from the end ...

QEII Fun Park

1 January 1995

The “super slide” at QEII Fun Park. The fun park was ...

Sea View Cellars bottle store

22 November 1979

Lifeboat outside the Sea View Cellars bottle store at McCormacks ...

Sea View Cellars

22 November 1979

Interior of Sea View Cellars bottle store.

Christmas shopping at New Brighton

21 December 1974

Crowds of Christmas shoppers on footpaths and in cars along New ...

Canton Café, New Brighton


Diners having a meal at the Canton Café on Seaview Road, New ...

Canton Café, New Brighton


Canton Café on Seaview Road, New Brighton

MMM Meats, New Brighton

10 November 1980

Interior of MMM Meats, New Brighton.

Shackel Meats, New Brighton

1 December 1971

Exterior of Shackel Meats, New Brighton shopping centre.

Window display at Todd Heller Meats

12 April 1988

Todd Heller with display of meat in the window of his butchery, ...

Stan Rhodes with MED bill

18 April 1988

Stan Rhodes with his Municipal Electricity Department bill ...

QEII Earthquake Memorial Gathering

22 February 2012

On the 1st anniversary of the 22nd February earthquake a group ...

Clothing and craft shop on Seaview Road

12 January 1988

Exterior of a clothing and crafts shop at 175 Seaview Road in ...

Salon Suzanne on Rodney Street

12 January 1988

Exterior of Salon Suzanne hairdressers at 47 Rodney Street in ...

Variety Shop on Oram Avenue

12 January 1988

Exterior of Variety Shop at 130 Oram Avenue on the corner with ...

Residential house on Marine Parade

12 January 1988

Exterior of a residential house at 369 Marine Parade on the ...

Wedding of Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse

17 October 1970

Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse exit St Faith's Anglican Church. ...

New Brighton mall


New Brighton mall.

Whale at New Brighton Beachside Playground

8 December 2018

Whale pool at New Brighton Beachside Playground. Saturday 8 ...

Old Whale pool demolition

8 December 2018

Demolition of the old Whale pool at New Brighton. Saturday 8 ...

Santa - New Brighton Christmas Parade

8 December 2018

New Brighton Christmas Parade. Saturday 8 December 2018. Santa ...

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