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Sequoia tree corner Main North and Prestons Road

8 February 2023

Also known as a Giant Redwood. The Redwood suburb was named ...

Train tracks in Spring

21 October 2019

This was taken off the Styx overbridge in Redwood looking down ...

Redwood Springs

27 September 2020

Redwood Springs in Styx River Esplanade Reserve.

Summerset Retirement Visit to Redwood Library

21 May 2021

The lovely residents and staff of Summerset Retirement Village ...

Wedding party members in Redwood

December 1969

A bridesmaid and flowergirl on the wedding day of Patricia ...

Patricia Martin with flower girl and bridesmaid

December 1969

Patricia Martin on her wedding day prior to becoming Trish ...

Patricia Martin on her wedding day

December 1969

Patricia Martin on her wedding day prior to becoming Trish ...

Mr and Mrs Martin on their daughter's wedding day

December 1969

Taken at the entrance to Redwood Park outside the public toilets ...

Stay in your bubble

9 April 2020

The message "stay in your bubble!" written on a power box at the ...

ANZAC Day Commemoration in Lockdown

25 April 2020

A commemoration for ANZAC Day on Salford Avenue, Redwood. One of ...

Sidewalk chalk sign fun

16 April 2020

One of the many sidewalk chalk messages we have seen on our ...

Distancing reminder for when walking your dog during lockdown

16 April 2020

CCC reminder sign put up in Owen Mitchell Park for the level 4 ...

Bubble reminder

16 April 2020

A reminder to stay in our lockdown bubbles. Owen Mitchell park ...

Teddybear hunt on bike

12 April 2020

A cute teddybear found on our bike ride in Clivedon Place, ...

Puzzles during Level 4 Lockdown

1 April 2020

Puzzles are one way that we pass time during lockdown, including ...

Timber preserving cylinder

11 January 1990

Fitter and turner, Scott Lintott, with a timber preserving ...

Redwood springs


View of Redwood Springs at Styx River Esplanade Reserve.

Bridge 13 Main North Line


Railway bridge 13 on the Main North Line. As seen from Styx ...

Arbor Day for Redwood Primary School at Murchison Park

6 June 1986

Anne Greenup, Landscape Architect at Waimairi Council shows ...

Aerial view of Papanui


Aerial view of Papanui

St Bedes College, March 1980

March 1980

St Bedes College, March 1980. Before the main building was ...

Prams the way they used to be made!


My daughter Lisa at our new house in Munro Street, Redwood.

Protest against poplar trees

28 October 1984

Residents of Clipper Place, Redwood, protesting the decision by ...

New petrol station site, Main North Road

1 March 1990

Joe Vuletich of Townsend Excavating removing roofing iron from ...

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