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Bullock Team at Le Bons Bay

21 April 1953

View of a bullock team pulling farm equipment at Le Bons Bay on ...

Robert Falcon Scott statue

3 July 1953

The statue of Robert Falcon Scott in front of the Chamber of ...

Bus in rural Banks Peninsula

21 September 1959

View of a rural mail delivery bus travelling on a rural road ...

Transportation of a black poplar tree log

8 October 1959

Black poplar tree log on Lincoln Road being transported to a ...

City flower market

17 August 1959

Flower buyers at the city flower market.

The System Control Office

Circa 1950s

The System Control Office at Islington.

The Shirley Lodge

1 December 1959

Aerial view of the Shirley Lodge at 110 Marshland Road in ...

The garden lounge bar at the Shirley Lodge

27 November 1959

Interior of the Shirley Lodge garden lounge bar at 110 Marshland ...

Shirley Lodge bar

11 December 1959

Interior of the Shirley Lodge at 110 Marshland Road and of a ...

Water pipes at Lyttelton Harbour

30 July 1954

Pipes for a water scheme laid out at Lyttelton Harbour.

Norma, Glenys and Helen off to Linwood High School, February, 1954

February, 1954

The three thirteen-year-old girls remained friends until old ...

Mural at Christchurch International Airport

6 July 1959

Mural by Russell Clark in the main terminal building at ...

Floral Display Botanical Gardens 1954 for the Royal Visit 1953/54

January 1954

Part of the floral displays in the Botanical Gardens to ...

Returned Services floral display for 1953/54 Royal Visit in the Botanical Gardens

January 1954

RSA floral display in the Botanical Gardens for the 1953/54 ...

Hays Ltd Floral Display 1953/54 for Royal Visit

January 1954

The floral arrangement for Hay's Ltd in the Botanical Gardens to ...

Shingle pile beside the Waimakariri River

14 December 1957

A pile of shingle on the edge of the Waimakariri River.

Former bridges over the Waimakariri River

21 April 1958

Railway and road bridge over the Waimakariri River.

Bowker Fountain


Bowker Fountain and Captain Cook monument, Victoria Square.

High Street

circa 1950

High Street, looking south from Cashel Street intersection.

Santa Claus float at the Christmas parade

6 December 1958

View along Armagh Street towards the corner with Colombo Street ...

Christmas Time

December 1958

"My sister and me at a Christmas Party in Greymouth." - ...

Making artificial limbs

Circa 1950s

Workmen in a workshop making artifical limbs.

Aerial view of new housing area at Hornby

26 June 1958

Aerial view of new housing area at Hornby. A shopping area, with ...

Duplex flats under construction in Wainoni

26 June 1958

View of duplex flats under construction in Wainoni looking ...

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