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Santa Claus float at the Christmas parade

6 December 1958

View along Armagh Street towards the corner with Colombo Street ...

Christmas Time

December 1958

"My sister and me at a Christmas Party in Greymouth." - ...

Making artificial limbs

Circa 1950s

Workmen in a workshop making artifical limbs.

Aerial view of new housing area at Hornby

26 June 1958

Aerial view of new housing area at Hornby. A shopping area, with ...

Duplex flats under construction in Wainoni

26 June 1958

View of duplex flats under construction in Wainoni looking ...

Islington substation

29 June 1954

View of the Islington substation under construction with workmen ...

Islington substation

29 June 1954

View of transformers at the Islington substation.

Transformers at Islington

26 July 1955

View across the transformers to the surrounding area at the ...

Engineers at Islington substation

29 June 1954

A group of engineers inspecting the transformers at Islington ...

Islington substation, Hornby

26 July 1955

Exterior of the Islington Substation. The full output of the ...

Condenser House at Islington, Hornby

19 July 1954

Exterior of the Islington station condenser house.

Islington substation, Hornby

26 July 1955

Interior of Islington substation showing the travelling crane ...

Breakfast re-enactment participants


A group dressed in period costume taking part in the breakfast ...

Damage to Sumner Sea Wall

Circa 1950s

View along the Esplanade at Sumner of damage to the sea wall ...

Stormy Seas in Sumner

2 January 1953

View of waves crashing against the pedestian walkway along the ...

Warner and Patsy Mauger

Circa 1955

Warner and Patsy Mauger in a Unic car during a car rally.

Packing fruit at Shenley Orchard, Harewood

Circa 1950's

Halkett Clarke & Mrs Pearce packing apples at Shenley Orchard on ...

Snow storm at Shenley Orchard or neighbouring Cherry Orchard, Harewood

Circa 1945

View of trees covered under heavy snow following a snow storm of ...

Shenley Orchard homestead, Harewood

Circa 1945

Exterior of the Shenley Orchard homestead in Harewood covered in ...

Centennial thanksgiving service


Crowds of people gathered in Cathedral Square for a Centennial ...

Centennial Bride float


Centennial Bride float. Sign says "Beaths".

Sidney Holland and wife attend Randolph Ball


Prime Minister Sidney Holland and wife arriving at the Randolph ...

Randolph Ball in King Edward Barracks


View of attendees, with some dancing in the centre, at the ...

Decorative train float


Float decorated as a train

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