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Dog jealous about food at Guy Fawkes

2 November 2018

A dog looks on jealously as those around him enjoy the street ...

Dining with Norman Kirk


Mr Toi Yee Chan and others dining with Norman Kirk

Making won tons for a Chinese food fair

4 July 1986

Melinda Ding helping to make won tons for a Chinese food fair at ...

Canned Watties products

22 November 1977

A selection of various canned Watties products including soup, ...

Watties canned garden peas

28 January 1971

Close-up of a can of Watties garden peas.

Watties frozen vegetables

7 June 1988

A selection of Watties frozen vegetables and a microwave cookery ...

Linda Clarke with Pams canned foods

28 July 1987

Linda Clarke, a Foodstuffs employee, with a variety of Pams ...

Bakery at Bishopdale Village Mall

23 March 2017

Interior and cabinet food at one of the bakeries in Bishopdale ...

Pantry in a home in Halswell

2 June 2015

View of packaged food items in a pantry in Patricia's kitchen at ...

Kitchen in a home in Halswell

2 June 2015

Looking towards the lounge from the kitchen of Patricia's home ...

Pantry at a house in North New Brighton

Friday, 6 May 2016

Close-up of the interior of a pantry in the home of Lizzie and ...

Hāngi at Linwood North School

27 July 1987

Two children, Tracey Hardy and Aja Trinder, enjoying food from a ...

Hāngi at Linwood North School

29 July 1987

Kelvin Tinnion (left) and Dave Day, the school caretaker, ...

Hāngi at Avonside Girls High School

31 October 1970

A group of men carving and serving meat from a hāngi at ...

Hāngi at Rehua Maori Boys' Hostel

9 October 1971

Baskets of cabbages and pumpkins for a hāngi being prepared for ...

Hāngi at Wainoni School

2 June 1990

A family tucking into food from a hāngi at Wainoni School. The ...

Hāngi at Rehua Marae

30 May 1987

Peter Karawana (left) and Joseph Hokiaanga with help lifting a ...

Samoan Congregational Christian Church Hall banquet

9 July 1982

Children gathered around a table at the Samoan Congregational ...

Samoan Congregational Christian Church Hall banquet

29 June 1982

Taken from above, a view down to the Samoan Congregational ...

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