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Sumner Beach

Circa 1940s

A view of a festival taking place on Sumner Beach looking ...

Sumner, near Christchurch, NZ


Sumner, near Christchurch, NZ.

Sumner Clock and Foreshore looking towards Cave Rock, 1940s


Sumner Clock and Foreshore looking towards Cave Rock, 1940s. ...

Sumner Scarborough clock tower

29 August 1987

View of the Sumner Scarborough clock tower on the Esplanade in ...

Scarborough Fair Restaurant and Café on the Esplanade

11 January 1988

Exterior of the Scarborough Fair Restaurant and Café at 147 ...

View of Sumner and Scarborough


View of Sumner and Scarborough.

Damage to Sumner Sea Wall

Circa 1950s

View along the Esplanade at Sumner of damage to the sea wall ...

Stormy Seas in Sumner

2 January 1953

View of waves crashing against the pedestian walkway along the ...

Rockfall on the road near Scarborough

26 October 1982

Aftermath of a rockfall at Scarborough partially blocking the ...

Surfers at Sumner Beach

3 February 2008

A group of surfers entering the waves at Sumner beach. ...

Surf lesson on Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Group of children on Sumner Beach taking part in a surf lesson ...

Rocking Horse in Scarborough Park, Sumner

Circa 1963-4

Three children on outdoor play equipment, a rocking horse, at ...

The Sumner to Taylors Mistake walkway

11 January 1977

Looking towards Sumner from the Scarborough Track above ...

View of Sumner from Clifton

31 August 1954

View from Clifton showing Sumner beach, Cave Rock, houses in ...

Giant waves at Sumner

1 July 1954

A high tide wave hits the broken sea wall at Sumner.

Dangerous currents at Sumner beaches

24 December 1979

An aerial view of Sumner beaches with dangers and patrol areas ...

Repairs to the seawall at Sumner

2 January 1953

Workers repairing the seawall on the Sumner foreshore.

Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower

30 December 2010

The Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower situated on the reserve at ...

Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower

Circa 1960s

View of the Sumner Scarborough clock tower along the Esplanade ...


Circa 1935

Sumner beach from Clifton Spur

Circa 1895

Cave Rock and the Sumner pier are shown on the left. On the ...

Sunday afternoon, Sumner promenade


Three generations, grandmother, parents, children, walking on ...

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