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Ray Whiting and golfing buggy

7 December 1985

Christchurch industrial design engineer, Ray Whiting with the ...

Bus driver, Des Wicks

4 December 1985

Bus driver, Des Wicks, having a tea break at the Ferry Road bus ...

Bus driver protest

10 December 1985

Bus drivers protesting outside Carruca House in Cathedral ...

Bus driver protest

10 December 1985

Bus drivers with placards protesting low wages outside the ...

Toy testing at the Consumers' Institute

9 December 1985

Testing of Action Man figure at the Consumers' Institute at 482 ...

Sisters at the beach

21 December 1985

Jane and Helen Truscott at the beach.

Ben and Thomas Harrow with fruit picking buckets

26 December 1985

Ben and Thomas Harrow preparing fruit picking buckets.

Children's ward Christmas party

19 December 1985

Christchurch Hospital staff nurses, from right, Christine Roper ...

Santa Claus in a hair salon

24 December 1985

Santa Claus sat in a hair salon with a basket of rollers and ...

Santa Claus and children

21 December 1985

Santa Claus and children posing together at the Colombo Street ...

Starlets dancing with clowns

6 December 1985

Starlets dancing with clowns at the Starlets Christmas party at ...

Aunt Hilda at the Starlets Christmas party

6 December 1985

Aunt Hilda waves farewell after the Starlets' Christmas party at ...

Starlets Christmas party

December 1985

View across the audience towards the stage at Christchurch Town ...

Christchurch Police Band at Starlets' Christmas party

6 December 1985

View from the back of the auditorium looking over the audience ...

International Youth Year march

14 December 1985

Members from youth groups marching in Cashel Mall with banners ...

New watering hole at Orana Park

23 December 1985

Lions roaming and enjoying shade at the newly opened watering ...

Medieval dancers in Cathedral Square

12 December 1985

Medieval dancers performing in Cathedral Square for the Summer ...

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