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Arrival of new migrants

25 October 1953

New migrants arriving at Harewood aboard a KLM Liftmaster.

Flight out from Harewood

October 2018

Air New Zealand flies out from Harewood (Christchurch ...

Flying over the Southern Alps


Flying over the Southern Alps c.1990's (taken from the aircraft ...

Flying over the Southern Alps


Flying over the Southern Alps c. 1990's (I think I took this ...

Retired Douglas Dakotas (DC3's) at Christchurch Airport. 1983


Retired Douglas Dakotas (DC3's) at Christchurch Airport. 1983

Globemaster II at Harewood Airport


The United States Air Force Globemaster II aeroplane arrives at ...

My Grandmother waving goodbye


My Grandmother at top of steps waving as she goes on her first ...

Support for ANZUS

10 October 1984

A group of three, Leigh Neil, Robin Neil and James Currie, ...

First flight

December 1965.

Alan Tunnicliffe's first flight. Arrival at Christchurch ...

Mr Marker's privately owned Auster plane


Dad's privately owned aircraft (Registered number zk-BCQ). ...

Report of trip to North Island

December 1961

Newspaper photo and report of Mr & Mrs Marker and friends' trip ...

Mr S M Marker's Fox Moth on the tarmac at Blenheim Airfield

December 1961

The plane parked on the tarmac at Blenheim Airfield before Mr & ...

Mr S M Marker of Belfast, refuelling his Fox Moth at Blenheim airfield, 1961


Dad refueling his privately owned plane before take-off on a ...

Cabin crew on board a Boeing 737

14 October 1968

A group of cabin crew on board a new Boeing 727 aeroplane.

Air New Zealand cabin crew uniforms

Late 1960s

Staff modelling new Air New Zealand cabin crew uniforms at ...

Safety procedures training day for cabin crew

4 August 1982

A group of Air New Zealand trainee cabin crew leaving a Boeing ...

Santa Claus flying Ansett

9 December 1987

Ansett flight attendant, Bernadette Hare (left) and passenger ...

Jan Everest and a Cessna 402

27 July 1978

Pilot, Jan Everest shutting the luggage locker of a Cessna 402 ...

Pilot, Anthea Stevens and examiner, Charlie Elliot

21 October 1967

Pilot, Anthea Steans and examiner, Charlie Elliot during the ...

Pauline Tucker with pilot, Rosemary Grose

10 October 1967

Pauline Tucker, Christchurch Star reporter, and pilot, Rosemary ...

Christchurch Star flying Scholarship winner

2 April 1963

Ina Crocker, Star flying scholarship recipient who has flown ...

Vandalised Spitfire

6 October 1984

Ray Woodfield (left) and Owen Foster of the Brevet Club, ...

Christmas trees for Antarctica

19 December 1980

S.W. Skudder and I. Radovanovich with Christmas trees destined ...

Air Scouts and Boeing 727

25 August 1984

Three Air Scouts in front of an RNZAF Boeing 727. Pictured from ...

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