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Growers' Direct Market

21 April 1970

View of customers being served at the Growers' Direct Market on ...

Top Shop mannequins

16 July 1987

Tracey Johnston with mannequins dressed in The Star newspaper in ...

Judith Cumming and Flourish

3 May 1988

Judith Cumming and her plant shop, Flourish in the Graveston's ...

Symon and Lowther Menswear

9 May 1988

Symon and Lowther Menswear at 632 Colombo Street.

Ian Ballinger Ltd

16 December 1972

Ian Ballinger Ltd at 63 Victoria Street. His former gunsmith ...

Closure of Minsons Ltd

28 July 1989

Max Minson and Mark Ballantyne open the doors for Minsons Ltd on ...

The House of Sewing

29 July 1978

Exterior of The House of Sewing at 29 Main North Road in ...

Mrs Pope Ltd wool store

1 May 1980

Interior of wool store, Mrs Pope Ltd at 107a Cashel Street.

George Wong of Hop Yick Cheong

11 March 1978

George Wong inside his shop, Hop Yick Cheong at 177 Madras ...

Cliff Young in Hop Yick Cheong

18 February 1978

Cliff Young, grandson of George Wong, holding a vase in his ...

Mrs Weir's dairy

2 April 1977

H.L. Weir outside her dairy on the corner of Randolph Street and ...

Papanui Health Shop

15 May 1982

Mr Brooks proprietor of the Papanui Health Shop in the Papanui ...

Surf Dive 'n Ski

13 November 1978

The interior of Surf Dive 'n Ski at 751 Colombo Street.

Riccarton Road dairy

4 July 1989

Graham and Gaye Hamilton in their dairy on Riccarton Road.

John Fowke's tobacco store

4 July 1989

The interior of John Fowke's tobacco store next to the entrance ...

Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store

26 March 1980

The interior of Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store at 208 High Street.

McSherry and Neale, electrical specialists

14 October 1983

Televisions for sale at McSherry and Neale at 290 Wairakei Road.

Regency Bridal House

3 July 1987

June Wilson outside her shop, Regency Bridal House at 13 New ...

Johnson's grocery staff

8 April 1987

The staff of Johnson's grocery, Colin Johnson, Frank Grimes, ...

Spotlight Mall


Interior of Spotlight Mall, Sydenham, showing Flora Studio, ...

Spotlight Mall


Interior of Spotlight Mall, Sydenham, showing Spotlight, ...

The Crossing

27 May 2019

The Crossing Shopping Centre, 166 Cashel Street, Christchurch ...

120 Hereford Street

27 May 2019

Inside the mall at 120 Hereford Street, Central Christchurch ...

Barclay Cinema

5 April 1975

A group of children queuing outside the Barclay Cinema on ...

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