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Apprentice butchers

17 September 1968

J.A. Downes (right) supervising apprentice butchers at the ...

Donna Haupapa, apprentice paint and paper hanger

14 March 1977

Donna Haupapa, apprentice paint and paper hanger, sitting with a ...

Brenda Leaf, apprentice spray painter

14 March 1977

Brenda Leaf applying an enamel coat to a tractor.

Elizabeth O'Callaghan, photo engraving apprentice

14 March 1977

Elizabeth O'Callaghan, photo engraving apprentice, standing with ...

Lyn Boddington, apprentice turner and fitter

14 March 1977

Lyn Boddington, apprentice fitter and turner, at Herbert drill.

Howard Smith Ltd cabinet maker

3 April 1980

Denise King, cabinet maker, in the workshop at Howard Smith Ltd ...

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