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Lichfield Street clearway zone

9 March 1976

A traffic officer and a scooter parked in a clearway zone on ...

Colombo-Cashel Street intersection

9 March 1976

Intersection of Colombo Street and Cashel Street.

Clearway zone, Colombo Street

9 March 1976

View of a car parked in a clearway zone on Colombo Street ...

Colombo Street clearway zones

9 March 1976

View from a car looking south down Colombo Street past clearway ...

Town Hall service centre

17 March 1976

The Town Hall service station with the Tom Thumb carwash. Seen ...

Bishopdale School fundraising jog

27 March 1976

Bishopdale School pupils jogging down Greers Road to raise money ...

Pilgrim landing depiction, Queen Victoria Statue

27 March 1976

Bronze depiction of pilgrims landing at Lyttelton on the base of ...

Chamber of Commerce statue

27 March 1976

Statue on the side of the door at the chamber of commerce, ...

Bridge of Remembrance lion statue

27 March 1976

View of lion statue at the Bridge of Remembrance on the corners ...

Section of the Citizens War Memorial

27 March 1976

Close-up of a section depicting youth on the Citizens War ...

Statue of William Sefton Moorhouse

27 March 1976

Statue of William Sefton Moorhouse in the Botanic Gardens.

Jan Harper

15 March 1976

Jan Harper, the South Island's only female butcher.

International Sports Co (NZ) Ltd plant, Woolston

17 March 1976

Joy McAlister examining golf balls at the International Sports ...

Boating on the Waimakariri River

9 March 1976

View of people boating on the Waimakariri River.

Plumbing course at the building centre

18 March 1976

A. Bull, a registered plumber, demonstrates how to fix a leaking ...

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