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A happy group at the YWCA summer camp at Spencerville

29 December 1962

Helen Lilly, Kathleen Hughes, Jacqueline Gera, Beverley Winter, ...

Children at the YWCA stay-at-home camp

28 May 1965

A ball is being thrown into a hoop. Children are gathered below.

Farewells at YWCA camp

15 February 1963

Parents arriving to pick up their children from the Young ...

Song parade for Stay-at-Home camp.

20 May 1966

Girls who took part in the song parade held at the YWCA's stay ...

Folk dancing at the YWCA

28 August 1962

Rosalie McKay (left) and Vivienne Summerfield dance a figure in ...

Camp at Spencerville

27 October 1969

Four young women on a climbing frame at a park.

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